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Slithering Form
Slithering Form
Tue 3 Feb, 2015 1:02 PM
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Slithering Form sees no play because it has no use against Growth or creature based Order.
Even if the meta shifted to structure focused decks, with the exception of a few cases (PoR, gotta kill that Divinator), passing through a structure is either not a long term solution, or simply not advantageous to do in the first place (let alone spending a scroll and a resource on it).

I doubt this scroll'll be changed anytime soon as it would still have no place in the meta, but perhaps a change like this might be appropriate if MES ever comes back. That or Nicon's suggestion, which prompted me to suggest this, which counters Oculus and Pump in a different way (protecting a whole row rather than increasing the structure's countdown).
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