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Arboreal Spirit Trap
Arboreal Spirit Trap
Sun 27 Oct, 2013 6:36 PM
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I created this scroll to address the fact that Order is the only faction with even a hope of defending against Loyal Darkling (and even then only temporarily) but the effect also has uses against other creatures and enchantments that use death as an activator, such as Tethered Recruit, Oblivion Seeker, Infectious Blight and Heritage. The effect does not work against death effects where the enchanted creature is incidental e.g. the killed unit will still count towards a growth gain from Return To Nature, and the effects of Animovore, Scavenger Construct and Ilmire Rot Eater. Shroud of Unlife is affected by Arboreal Spirit Trap, but Necrogeddon is not. Art by me.
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