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 Post subject: Possible Campaign Idea
PostPosted: May 24th, 2015, 04:11 

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Not sure if someone has mentioned something like this before but I was thinking about the campaign and its "soon" release date. (early estimate is 2020) I was thinking about whether boss battles were going to be like the trials and just be some hard to beat mission with the opponent having a bunch of enchantments or something.

Then I thought about what if they removed the idols from the boss's field and it was taken up by a massive monster that can't even fit on the screen. For this I'll just refer to a giant automaton. The automaton would cover the empty space on that side of the board and its head and arms would rest on the back column of the AI's field.

I would think the objective would be to kill it or beat it down so each part it had would have different life totals. Say a arm would have its own individual life total and maybe even an attack and countdown. It could function like an artillery targeting a specific part of the board or a hellspitter that always hits a random unit.

Then because beating up a giant monster is not a really scary thing for the brave scrolldiers the boss would be able to spawn/play creatures on the battlefield itself. There could be parts of the boss that function like an automata forge.

I was thinking that:
- energy would have some junkyard automaton boss
- growth would have a giant vaettr defending the forest
- decay might have a giant swamp beast (rot eater/miremare) or undead (harvester?)
- Order could have a fortress with catapults or cannons for defence

But then again maybe I just have to much free time or I am crazy. Thanks for reading!
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 Post subject: Re: Possible Campaign Idea
PostPosted: May 24th, 2015, 08:17 
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This is really great. Most of the campaign stuff being tossed around right now is what can the players do, but this is a really interesting idea for the devs down the road. I can envision this, and I would love to see this.

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 Post subject: Re: Possible Campaign Idea
PostPosted: May 24th, 2015, 10:42 
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I think this is a really smart idea so change up gameplay for the campaign. It would give 'boss battles' a more epic feel, while also giving tactical options during the battle.

I would like to see, for the order castle.
Midrow part of the castle being a gate, summoning soldiers each turn.
2nd and 4th row having mangonels that target a part of your field.
1st and 5th row, mage towers that will cast spells that raise cooldown on your units.

For the growth vaettr:
Midrow, giant head roaring to reduce cooldown on all of the enemies units.
2nd and 4th row. Spawning wild vaettrs
1st and 5th row, healing all units.

Energy big giant mecha:
Midrow: a suped up destroyer
2nd and 4th row, occulus cannon effect
1st and 5h row, having two ether pumps.

Midrow dealing 2 idol damage to a random idol each turn.
2nd and 4th, poisoning a random unit on your side of the field.
1st and 5th. gives +2 health to a random unit when an enemy unit dies.

But, I'm sure there are many more possible awesome implementations of this idea.
I fully suppor it!
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