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Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a day
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Author:  Badyuyu [ July 9th, 2014, 11:09 ]
Post subject:  Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a day

Hey guys,

Okok I can allready hear it. "What Noaidi isn't a new Waypoint card!" No he isn't but he got a complete Overhaul which marrits some feedback imo!

What this thread is about:

Once per day I will put up a card that is on the Test Server but not live yet! Everybody can then fill out a roster I show bellow to get their oppionion out there in a quick and easy fashion that is also easy to scan for Mojangs interested developers.
Only reply in this template (bottom) please and use rather short descriptions. Think of it as your "30 second feedback pitch". Like This:


For those who didn't know yet Noaidi has been reworked to have "Replenish" instead of his old ability.

Style: I'm not sure what his style is supposed to be. Is it tribesman ambassedor?
(Here you input yout feedback on the general idea of the scroll, independant from power. Just how it feels!)

Power: Way too strong
(Here you say how you think the card fares powerwise. Use "much too weak, little too weak, fine, little too strong, much too strong". Don't input why. Just this!

Why? I love Replenish on a creature as a bridge between recources. But he's way too good for a "beter than free" creature.
(Put here why you think is is too weak/strong! Again one short precise sentence only. In case you put "fine" in the field above you may skip this!

Does it fit the Faction: Yes!
(Pretty self explanatory I think.)

What would you change? Increase his CD to 3 so he can't just be thrown in before God Hand or make him 1/2/1.
(Write how you would improve the card here. One concise sentence only!)

Comment: ... 7-1... wtf happened in that semifinals yesterday? Insane... Oh yeah right. Participate! ^.^
(Anything extra you wanna say about this thread or the card. One or two short sentences only please!)

That's it! Hope you will all participate and help get some Feedback to Mojang that is easy to grasp and freeer of spam :)

Remember again only reply with this template and in short statements!

[b][u]Style: [/u][/b]



[b][u]What would you change?[/u][/b]

[b][u]Does it fit the Faction:[/u][/b]


Author:  Phobophile [ July 9th, 2014, 11:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: Okay

Power: Horridly overpowered

Why? God Hand

What would you change? Revert to its old mechanic, or give it countdown 3 when it comes into play.

Does it fit the Faction: Kinda, not really

Comment: The change was dumb.

Author:  Sysp [ July 9th, 2014, 11:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Model and art is a bit undefined. He is supposed to be a shaman (nåjd in Swedish) but I can't help seeing that Japanese Domo monster with the big red mouth. Maybe it's just me :)


The old Noaidi was reactive and matchup dependent. With the new one, the player is in control of the effect already during deck building.

It's a free creature but it still costs a scroll and you get a Ripper for one less resource that can't be played on turn 1 or 2. A 2/2/2 is less relevant later in the game, making it balanced.

What would you change?
Nothing for now.

Does it fit the Faction:
Yes, makes sense that Growth would have Replenish creatures.

Here's Domokun, judge for yourselves:

Author:  ironballs [ July 9th, 2014, 12:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: Kinda lacking any real definitive individuality

Power:Very strong

Why?Can drop on same turn as godhand for nothing.. essentially giving you a free kinfolk veteran; what's worse, can drop in multiples.

What would you change? Possibly 3 cd initially; while retaining 2 base cd, to curb the godhand plays.

Does it fit the Faction: Yes!

Comment: Replenish on a creature is very potent indeed. I love the possibilities from a multi-resource standpoint but don't like it for mono-growth.

Author:  4Robato [ July 9th, 2014, 12:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: Some strange kinfolk.

Power: To me it's strong.

Why? It's free so that means you can play multiple at once + any countdown reduction and allows you to splash some crazy 3 drops. I think that in scrolls the 3 drops are the most cost-efficiency ones so that makes it more stronger.

What would you change? I don't know… I don't quite like that much the replenish thing to make multi-color decks viable because with this you can only splash things while playing another scroll for free and to me that's not a good solution for this.

Does it fit the Faction: I guess, before it was like a resource booster and now it's only a free scroll that you can use the replenish resources or not so now multi-color decks are not the fundamental thing in this scroll.

Comment: I'm a little scared with the replenish thing. To me sounds like the flying trait that if they don't go carefully it can become too strong. If I speculate about the distant future I imagine some replenish decks, probably they could become multi-color replenish decks that when you play one scroll you can play your whole hand because then you have Wild instead of a specific color but who knows.

Author:  BlueGoop [ July 9th, 2014, 18:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: It would be cool if you looked at it and it had a strong growth presentation but also a tinge of the other factions to it.

Power: I didn't think it overpowered at first, but other people are bringing up good points.

Why? It seems its primary function is to convert growth mana into wild. This was a great include to a All of The Gravelocks deck with decay/growth//energy I tried last Monday. However, I can see how it could be abused as a completely free scroll.

What would you change? I would like to see something like Noaidi in every faction -- a means to convert faction mana into current wild. I'd then make a restriction on current wild that it could only be spent on other factions and not the faction that gave it. So for Noaidi, it would convert 3 growth into 3 wild that I could only spend on decay/energy/order.

The UI would need to be reworked though and support a different idea of current mana. I'm kind of thinking of something like Civilization V's event notification system where icons drop down in a ribbon of things you can do. Current mana could be represented as separate icons in that ribbon fashion and could indicate what you could spend it on visually.

As an example, say I play a Noaidi. I'd get another wild icon on top of my base normal icons that I sacrificed for, but this wild icon would be colored like a pie chart of three segments colored yellow, purple, and blue. It would have a 3/3 next to it.

This ceases to make it a "free" scroll and retains its ambassador intent.

Does it fit the Faction: Sure, but again, this is a good idea for all factions.

Comment: Nope, I've said what I wanted to say. :)

Author:  Donkey74 [ July 9th, 2014, 18:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: Couldn't imagine him/her any different. Also must agree with what sysp said the resemblance is uncanny.

Power: Somewhere between balanced and overpowered.

Why? So much tempo advantage that it can cause. t1 vaettr into t2 noaidi and mystic (or even crazier rot eater) is pretty insane.

What would you change? I really like bluegoops suggestion to have it not spendable for growth, because it could keep replenish and be very cool in multi-resoruce decks

Does it fit the Faction: Yeah has a growth-y feel to it.

Comment: I love replenish so with the first creature looking forward to future scrolls to have replenish.

Author:  Astroplatypus [ July 9th, 2014, 21:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: He certainly looks tribal, sort of like Breaker, etc. Very cool helmet, too.

Power: A free 2-2-2 that can only be played after turn 3. Also, cross-faction ramp. Seems OP to me, I guess, just because of the three wild.

Why? "Turn 3 Growth into Wild" would be OP on its own, but also playing a 2-2-2 is a bit much.

What would you change? I suggest making it increase each resource by 1 for the turn it is played. That way, no Speed-Frostbeard.

Does it fit the Faction: The old effect certainly did, becuase it was either really good or horrible, just like Growth as a whole! Replenish seems more "Order" to me, honestly.

Comment: You guys need to stop begging for all the scrolls to be OP. That's a horrible way to balance the game. Noaidi was a bit under-powered, but was fixable without an overhaul, I think.

Author:  Paralykeet [ July 9th, 2014, 22:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

I like him. Dude in skins. I feel like he's never mechanically really played into the Shamanistic element of his design though. You'd think he'd spend more time as a support unit than as a beatstick -winkwink-

Stronger than Noaidi 1.0 (that's saying something.)

Attaching resource cheating mechanics to innocuous enchantments and spells is one thing- but attaching them to units while things like Godhand are still things is looking for trouble.

What would you change?
Give it something more flavorful to do as a MEMBER OF THE KINFOLK TRIBE. Hell, make him Beast support. Just stop making him teeter between useless and Vaettr God.

Does it fit the Faction:
Aesthetically yes, mechanically, no. Noaidi has always been one of the multi-res Scrolls, but the Wild mechanic has made most of those pointless or broken. Noaidi would just fit in better as Kinfolk or Beast support.

Free-stuff mechanics are always dangerous. In a game about interacting with a board, free units is doubly so. I really hope Noaidi gets a comprehensive redesign as something fundamentally more useful, and less egregious.

Author:  Bronzeclown [ July 10th, 2014, 03:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

He looks like some tribal bruiser, honestly I'd prefer if he was a goofy looking character with other factions weapons/armor cobbled half on.

apparently overpowered

free creature in the faction with god hand what could possibly go wrong.

What would you change?
Maybe instead of replenish giving you the full cost back in wild (thus free creature) instead have replenish x x being the amount of wild you would receive back for that turn, so say replenish 1 it lowers the cost of him but not significantly and encourages cross faction decks still.
Does it fit the Faction:
fur wearing dude, in a faction full of fur wearing dudes, if he didn't have the cross faction angle I'd say yes.

Comment: Is there anything explaining this guy, or what he is, or why he does what he does?

Author:  Nenananas [ July 10th, 2014, 11:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

He looks kinda cool :)
Balanced :P
Bad in pure Growth, multicolor on the other hand, it isn't a must, but it can certainly help, depends on which route you're going ;) 2/2/2 still isn't that good, except once you can play god hand :o
What would you change?
Nothing, seems fine and interesting :D
Does it fit the Faction:
Absolutely :D Growth is all about many creatures on board and this guy let's you summon more creatures in a turn ;)
This guy is cool and interesting, might want to try and build a deck with him :)

Author:  togoodlooking [ July 10th, 2014, 13:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Day 19 (Special) Noaidi - Test-Server - One Feedback a d

Style: A real oddball. He is like pretending to be a vaettr but not for growth within growth.

Power: Not sure, have not tested new Noadi enough. But he seem a bit to strong.

Why? He is a free unit, this would normally not really help other factions beside perhaps decay, but growth love just having any kinds of units on the board, and this one is free of charge. It is better then sister of the fox.

What would you change? I dont really like that he went from a ramp scroll to a free unit scroll. I would like him to have something that focus more on multi resource.

Does it fit the Faction: Sort of, growth is about ramp but he aint really ramping anymore. But he is a free creature and that is growths thing as well.

Comment: I am reluctant over the thought to give units replenish as that gives free board presence and feel replenish should perhaps stay on spells and enchantments.

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