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 Post subject: Lingering Invocation - hard control direct Idol damage [OD]
PostPosted: June 15th, 2015, 16:50 

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I build this deck myself four days ago and it is suprisingly powerful.
It is an order decay deck which heavily relies on lingering spells.
The goal is to prolong the deck as long as possible until you got enough ressources to spam your lingering spells to kill the enemy through Invocation Sentry.

The main card in this deck is Aescolon Spires. The whole deck is build around it, so I got many cards which have an effect on dying (Pack Husk, Tethered Recruit, Oblivion Seeker, Warding Stone, Animovore) or entering the battlefield (Righteous Partisan).
Since I can't kill enemy units this way, I have to disable them through other means. For that purpose, I got Pushback, Warding Stone and Pillar of Fatigue.
Minor Idol damager are Totem of Suffering and Omen of Damnation.
The grinding is very powerful. Once I got Aescolon Spires on about 10 turns remaining time, if the enemy didn't destroy it, I already won the game. Nearly every little unit has a scroll drawing effect which in return prolongs the duration through finding and playing multiple Aescolon Spires, Mystic's Storm or Rattle Hymn. This deck got a very low mana curve, which let's me play all the scrolls I draw through the big amount a carddraw.

Deck list:
Spoiler: [show]

-extremely aggro types of decks (mainly growth, other decks aren't that fast to kill me if I got a decent draw)
-other direct idol damager (which can become a race, which I usually lose)
-scrolls which destroy lingering scrolls (Stone Enigma...)
-"anti-resonance" (Metal Wonder)

Some pictures:
Spoiler: [show]
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