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 Post subject: Draft Tournament next Saturday 12th September
PostPosted: September 6th, 2015, 15:14 

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Since the game seems fairly inactive atm but people are still interested in special events I want to start a new series of tournaments.
Will try to do these a couple of times every month, but if there is no announcement and people still want to play feel free to host your own draft!

Basic info

We will be starting the drafting at 15:00GMT. Be in the draft page at that time, and join the ingame room "draft" to find your opponents.

The games will most likely be played on the test server, since everyone will have a full collection there. But in case all the players have enough cards on live we can also play there. You can access the test server from the launcher, under options. Make sure to update before the games are starting, because this might take a while.

The draft tool will be here: The old Scrollsguide tool is not up to date with new cards.

Matches will most likely be BO1 with BO3 for the finals. This is to save time because the drafting part will take a while. This can be changed if all players agree.

You don't need to sign up for this, just be there on time.

How to use the tool

The first thing you do is write your name. USE YOUR INGAME NAME so everyone knows who is playing.

After that you can use the chat on the left side to talk to other players. Once everyone is ready there will be a room shown on the right side, named "Draft Tournament" or something similar. Do not create a new room if you are not the one hosting the draft

Once everyone is in the room the host will start the draft. You will see 10 cards and are allowed to pick one of them. The cards you see are a randomized "pack", each player will get their own at the start of each round. After everyone has picked their cards the pack is passed to the next player and everyone gets to pick again. This means all players pick from the same pool of cards and you need to put some thought to what type of cards you leave for the other players.

The rounds and direction for passing the packs is shown above the cards. The direction (up or down) means that you will be passing your pack to the player above or below you in the chat name list. The direction changes each round.

When the draft is finished you will get a decklink that you need to paste in the game. You get around 80 cards, and are allowed to trim it down to a deck of 50. You can not add any cards that are not part of the selection you drafted, or change the deck once you have started your first game.

Other info

NEVER EVER close the draft page once the draft has started. This also means don't click previous page, or backspace on your keyboard. If you leave the draft you will not be able to return and the draft needs to be restarted.

Picking cards you are not going to actually use is allowed, and in fact a very good strategy. If you leave powerful cards for other players it often leads to someone having a deck way more powerful than other players.

The classic Mr.Cubez explanation on draft. Done on the older draft tool but it has the same features for the most part.

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