Big pointy teeth

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The initial position

Big pointy teeth is the nineteenth of nineteen hard trials.


Trial Details

General Information

Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 550 gold
Opponent's deck: Growth.png Growth
Opponent's name: Monty


The killer Bunny has an Attack of nine, at a base Countdown of one, with 31 Health. Furthermore, it has Relentless and Move 4. It cannot be targeted by any of your spells, enchantments or unit abilities.

Other units played by your opponent (e.g. Ancestral Totem) have their base Countdown decreased by three and have Move 4.

In-Game Description

"Fangs the size of a Blade Husk's claws! Feet like hammers! Eyes that punch fear into your very being." You chuckle at Wisk's ranting, prompting him to disclose the location of this legendary beast. "Visit the vile creature yourself. It was nice knowing you, foolhardy caller. Hic."


The opponent does not play any other creatures than the pre-deployed Bunny.