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Scroll Design Competition blueprint.png
The fake scroll created by Owen to illustrate the competition

The second Scroll Design Competition was a Special Event put on by Scrollsguide and Mojang to let the community take part in the design of the Waypoints set.[1]

It was a competition in which any player could suggest designs for new scrolls, four of which would be included in the Waypoints set. Contrary to the previous competition, the theme and name of the set the scrolls were to be included in was unknown.

It started on March 9, 2014 and entries were accepted until 6 PM GMT on March 23, 2014.[2] Results were announced on April 9, 2014.[3]



The rules of this competition, hosted by Scrollsguide, could be found in the dedicated forum thread.


Contrary to the previous competition, judging was done by Mojang only. It had been said that a few developers would look through all submissions and select the four winners, and that they might also choose a few runner-up entries which they did.

Submissions were judged on different parts, including new and innovative mechanics or interesting twists on existing ones, and how well did they fit to the Scrolls lore. They were judged no matter the art.


The exclusive avatar head awarded to Scroll Design Competitions winners



Below are winning and runner-up scrolls as corrected by Mojang to fit the grammar and style used in-game.[3]

Author Scroll name Cost Type Stats Rules text Flavor text


Guywithscrolls Eternal Sword Order.png 5 Enchantment

Increases enchanted Human creature's Attack by 3 and Health by 1. When enchanted creature is destroyed, a random adjacent Human melee creature gets Eternal Sword.

This weapon was passed down through generations. It never leaves the battlefield.
RedDye Close Ranks Order.png 5 Enchantment All your units are considered adjacent to enchanted unit.

"I feel like a sardine in a box."
– Honorable General

GoldenFalcon Treaty Order.png 3 Spell All players draw 2 scrolls.

"One piece of parchment cannot end a war, but it's a start."
– Thius, Elder Statesman


HutchHogan Tripwire Cannon Energy.png 3 Structure: Artillery 4 / 2 / 4

Ranged attack

Tripwire Cannon does not count down. When an opponent unit moves into the same row as Tripwire Cannon, Tripwire Cannon's Countdown is set to 0.

Jordey75 Wheels Energy.png 2 Enchantment Enchanted structure's Move is increased by 1, and cannot be decreased below 1. "These will get it moving."
natsamtan246 Destabilization Cannon Energy.png 5 Structure: Totem - / 3 / 5 When Destabilization Cannon's Countdown becomes 0, two random enemy units switch places. Wait, so how's it work?


Nicon Skythorn Growth.png 3 Structure: Totem - / 9 / 4

Spiky 1

Does not count down. Skythorn's Countdown is decreased by 1 each time a creature comes into play. When its Countdown becomes 0, draw 1 scroll.

It thrives on life.
UnholyGrail Slab of Spawn Growth.png 6 Structure: Wall - / 2 / 5 When Slab of Spawn's Countdown becomes 0, a random creature from your library is summoned adjacent to Slab of Spawn.
Zeppelin Creeping Brambles Growth.png 3 Spell Until end of opponent's turn, opponent units on target row have their Move decreased by 1 and take 1 damage before attacking.


teedle Hell Tear Decay.png 4 Structure: Wall - / - / 1 All combat damage dealt to Hell Tear is instead dealt to the idol behind it. "I didn't need that idol anyway..."
Auquilius Immortality Decay.png 3 Enchantment

Enchanted creature's Attack and Health are set to 1. Its base Countdown is decreased by 1. When enchanted creature dies, it is summoned again with this enchantment.

Is it better to die or to live forever, as a shadow of your former self?
togoodlooking Land of the Dead Decay.png 5 Spell All Humans become enchanted with Shroud of Unlife. Even when both sides have fallen, the fight rages on.


Below are winning scrolls[3].


Eternal Sword, by Guywithscrolls.

Eternal Sword.png


Oculus Cannon, originally named Tripwire Cannon, by HutchHogan.

Oculus Cannon.png


Skythorn, by Nicon.



Void Gate, originally named Hell Tear, by teedle.

Void Gate.png

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