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ScrollsBot is a bot created by kbasten. You can trade with it or challenge it to a match. It is always logged on and in the General-1 chatroom (unless it is currently in a match).

Challenge Match

You can challenge ScrollsBot just like any other player. This allows you to play against an AI through the Multiplayer game mode.

You can use this for practice whilst gaining more Gold than you would from using Quick Match.


ScrollBot values scrolls in Gold, you cannot trade like for like with it. It acts like the Store, except different Rarities are valued differently.[1]

The current prices are:

Rarity Buy For Sell For
Common 4 20
Uncommon 15 50
Rare 40 100

You can buy scrolls from ScrollsBot by chatting to it. Type in the name of the card you want and ScrollsBot will tell you the price and add it to the trade window (if he has it in stock). You cannot select scrolls from the usual Trade interface. ScrollsBot will give you a discount on the scrolls you buy, if you're an active community member. Your discount equals the amount of forum posts you have, divided by ten, up to a maximum of 30%. To receive the discount, your Scrolls account must be linked to your Scrollsguide account. You can do that by typing !validate <Scrollsguide username> in-game, after you've filled out your in-game name on your Scrollsguide profile during registration to the website.

To sell scrolls to the ScrollsBot, simply add them to the trade window like you would with any other player. It will then update the trade window with the appropriate amount of Gold.

To complete the transaction click the Accept button. ScrollsBot will automatically accept too, if he is happy with the trade.

When ScrollsBot is low on Gold he will only buy Rare scrolls. ScrollsBot is low on Gold when he has less than 500 Gold. You are always able to buy scrolls from it.

If you select to trade with ScrollsBot and nothing happens, it is currently in use by someone else.