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Hi new Here, some projects that I like to start.

I want to have some feedback before starting to work--Yurishosan 22:34, 12 December 2011 (CET)

Yes, I do think there's need for a 'standard' on which to build the pages. I'm not sure how you want to force this across all pages, but if you have ideas for this, I agree with changing the pages to the same layout/template.--Kbasten 10:05, 14 December 2011 (CET)

I would also like a template for everything, but I'm still a wiki noob :D we need some more experienced people contributing here --Selebu 15:55, 28 February 2012 (CET)

Pages to be deleted (?)

I've noticed several pages, which I think are spam: Dwarves, Goblins, Noal, Huum, Harvestmen, Lusha, Technology, Timeline. Unless I'm mistaken these pages could be deleted.
Furthermore, there are these two pages: Abuser, Synarian Sorceress. Not too sure about them...
Earthquake, Metamorphosis and Teleport can be deleted, as there are already pages about those scrolls with the correct names.
Needs-Updating can also be deleted, as we have the Template:Stub for that. Lukigamer 09:32, 30 December 2013 (CET)

I agree with you about Dwarves, Goblins, etc. especially as Mojang tries to avoid these too common factions, so it's unlikely they will be featured in the near future of Scrolls lore. However, I'd like to know where does this lore come from (Mojang or community?) as it's quite detailed...
About Abuser and Synarian Sorceress (there's also Nightly Sinner and Dwarven Charger), they are actually scrolls that were previewed by Mojang quite a long time ago, before alpha and before they changed the cost system. I think we should keep these articles for historical purposes, I restored their image. However, auxiliary articles such as Equipment should be deleted.
About Earthquake, Metamorphosis and Teleport, thanks for pointing them, you're right they shouldn't be articles, but we can still keep them as redirects as they are probably common misspelled scrolls that user can search for.
Finally, I agree with you about Needs-Updating (or if maintaining such a list, it should be in the "Scrolls Wiki:" namespace).
-- Fomtg 13:13, 30 December 2013 (CET)
I do not know where those two lores that are even listet on the Main Page come from. However i just realized the author is Kbasten, so they're probably not spam ;) Anyways, I still doubt that it makes much sense to keep the articles listet (Dwarves, Goblins etc.). But maybe I just missed something, as I have only been scrolls player since Beta. Lukigamer 13:19, 30 December 2013 (CET)
Yeah. :)
I've been playing Scrolls since October 2012, but from then I've never heard of that lore, so it's probably quite old. I think we should remove these links from the Main Page, but an update to Scrolls (Lore) (and a link to it in the main page) would still be nice...
-- Fomtg 13:35, 30 December 2013 (CET)
I'd rather keep the lore pages somewhere, since they're not archived anywhere else but here. It's okay to remove from the homepage though. Kbasten 14:10, 30 December 2013 (CET)
Sure. BTW, where does this lore come from Mojang? -- Fomtg 15:22, 30 December 2013 (CET)

Style of scroll pages

I've noticed that in all the scrolls pages, the scroll name (= the page name) is written in italics throughout the whole article (!). Why don't we use the usual formatting (bold once in the beginning of the page)? Lukigamer 09:32, 30 December 2013 (CET)

That's probably because people who first wrote these pages didn't know about these conventions. Actually - but that's probably what you meant - the scroll name should be in square brackets, i.e. the same as links, then MediaWiki replaces links with bold text when they match the page name. As for the next occurrences in italics, I don't think it's bad although I wouldn't have used italics either. That just needs to be consistent across the wiki.
-- Fomtg 15:20, 30 December 2013 (CET)


I think it would be a great idea to start putting all our articles into categories, such as Scrolls, Energy, Creature, Traits, Trials, Game Modes, ... Lukigamer 09:32, 30 December 2013 (CET)

Templates for easier navigation between pages

From the Minecraft Wiki I'm used to templates such as Template:Blocks which are always placed at the bottom of pages. I think this would be great for this wiki as well. Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the wiki syntax, so I could only copy/paste these templates and change the names etc. I do not even know if that's allowed ;) What do you think about these navigation boxes? Lukigamer 09:32, 30 December 2013 (CET)

Great idea, though we seriously lack people with wiki knowledge who can get started on this... Kbasten 14:11, 30 December 2013 (CET)
Well, I have wiki knowledge but unfortunately lack the time to do it. :/ I'll try to do some stuff in the upcoming days... -- Fomtg 15:30, 30 December 2013 (CET)
As I said, maybe we could copy/paste some of the templates of the MC wiki (if that's allowed). For example Template:Navbox looks pretty good :) -- Lukigamer 15:36, 30 December 2013 (CET)
I think it's allowed... I'll fix them if necessary. :)
BTW what did you want to display in these blocks (which are a good idea)? We can't display the whole list of scrolls in them as it would be too long, but it could include for example links to scrolls types and subtypes, traits, scrolls by cost, etc.
-- Fomtg 15:51, 30 December 2013 (CET)
Yes, i agree that it isn't a good idea to list all scrolls there. I would suggest one such template for all scrolls pages, which then lists scrolls types (creature, structure, spell, enchantment), subtypes, and maybe also the 4 resources. In addition to that, we would need a template for the other pages which lists game modes, game mechanics, the menu pages (store etc.). Maybe it would also be possible to split these pages up in even more templates (maybe keep the 3 categories of the main page?), but 2 should be ok for the beginning in my opinion. --Lukigamer 16:16, 30 December 2013 (CET)
Yeah, that's good ideas. I think we can stick to 2 templates (scrolls and game features) at the moment, especially as items in gameplay and misc. sections are pretty related. We can still split them later if necessary. -- Fomtg 00:59, 31 December 2013 (CET)
I copied Template:Navbox and Template:Navbar from the Minecraft wiki. It does (how could it be different) not work. But as I said I'm not too familiar with that kind of things, so maybe you could take a look at them? I copied the example from the MC wiki documentation to User:LukiGamer/test, but it looks quite different from what it should... Or are certain formats used in the template not available in this wiki? Thx :) -- Lukigamer 17:36, 30 December 2013 (CET)
As you can see on your User:LukiGamer/test page, although they look different from MC wiki, these templates are actually working. What's not working is template documentation, because it's based on other stuff on MC wiki. However don't worry too much about this at the moment: what's displayed when browsing a template page is different from what's displayed when that template is transcluded in another page. And what matters is the latter. In other words, as long as the template looks fine when included in other pages, then it doesn't matter very much if the template page itself doesn't display properly. BTW, that was clever to link to the documentation on MC wiki :) ; we can still add proper documentation on our wiki later, that's polishing and that's not what the wiki is lacking the most at the moment.
Regarding the navbox that looks different from the MC wiki, that's because it uses CSS styles that are not defined in SG wiki. I'll try to take a look at that tomorrow (going to bed now), but we'll either have to add that CSS directly into the template, or (better) add it to CSS files used by the wiki (probably MediaWiki:Common.css).
-- Fomtg 00:59, 31 December 2013 (CET)
I edited Template:Navbox so that it doesn't rely anymore on MC wiki CSS styles. The CSS is far from optimal though, but that's the best that I could come up with without admin rights. Additionally, I just picked some colors on SG to use in this template, but I'm not a very talented web designer (I mean about graphics) so feel free to pick better ones. Note that Template:Navbar doesn't work because it uses other templates of MC wiki, but actually I don't think we need that stuff at the moment.
According to what we said earlier, I created two templates: Template:Scrolls navbox and Template:Features navbox. I started to add them at the end of a few pages, but now I'm gonna try to sleep (for the remainder of the night ^^). Feel free to add them to other pages. Enjoy! :)
-- Fomtg 05:08, 3 January 2014 (CET)
Thank you so much! I think the colors are actually quite well chosen, as they fit the style of scrollsguide. I'll start adding them to some pages today. -- Lukigamer 09:34, 3 January 2014 (CET)
I've already added the templates to all pages that are linked in the template. Question: Shall we add Template:Scrolls navbox to all scrolls pages (Aging Knight, ...) or leave it like that? Btw, I changed this template a bit: Creature subtypes are now in brackets and small right after the main type. I think it's quite useful to see whether something is a subtype of, e.g. Human. But we can change that back if you don't like it. -- Lukigamer 18:03, 3 January 2014 (CET)
Great job, thanks! :) I think we should also add the navbox to scroll pages, but you may not need to do it now as I've written a small bot that will add that template at the end of each scroll page. I have a small technical problem though, it being disconnected before saving changes, so I'll talk with Kbasten to see if we can fix this...
Regarding your changes of subtypes in Template:Scrolls navbox, I think it's good. :)
However, I disagree about the Undead subtype. I don't think it's a subtype of Masked, although at the moment all Masked creatures are also Undead. I saw you've also removed Undead from the structures group, but I don't know what shall we do in this regard... I agree it looks more like a creature subtype than a structure subtype, but on the other hand, there's still Scavenger Construct whose subtypes are Wall and Undead. Maybe shall we move it bellow creatures and structures groups?
Fomtg 16:58, 4 January 2014 (CET)
1. A bot would definately be helpful for that ;) Regarding that disconnection bug: I've also experienced this a lot of times. It often logs me out before saving pages... 2. Undead: Actually I've done it the other way round than you just said. But I still see your point. I think we can conclude that Masked is not a subtype of Undead, as Masked is written before Undead on both Harvester and Mire Shambler scrolls. I'll change that again. 3. Undead Structures: I'm sorry about that, I didn't realize that Scavenger Construct is Undead. In that case, I'll change it again. I'd suggest we do it the way you've previously done it, meaning we link it in both categories. -- Lukigamer 18:12, 4 January 2014 (CET)
Happy to know that I'm not the only one to have this disconnection bug. :D I'm in contact with Kbasten so I'll tell him about that bug also, in case it's linked with my bot connection problem... -- Fomtg 18:28, 4 January 2014 (CET)

The frontpage needs work

Just a general idea, the frontpage is currently lacking in style compared to most other wikis. Perhaps some pictures, and better categorization would make it look better? I'm not that great at design but we need to start somewhere. -- unsigned comment by Wiler5002, November 28, 2014. Please sign comments on talk pages with ~~~~.

I agree. First of all, I think the absolute size of the welcome box at the top is a problem. Depending on the size of your browser window, it looks really bad. Second, I think there are far too many links on the Main Page; in my opinion it's not necessary to list all subtypes...
However, I'm unfortunately also not very experienced with HTML and CSS. I'll see if I can find people to take a look at it. -- Lukigamer 18:50, 28 November 2014 (CET) (SG Wiki Admin)
I think we could just list out link to pages of the main types, (traits, creatures, resources) and have those pages be the main links to the rest of the wiki, and give the frontpage more flair. I've been looking at the Hearthstone wiki for some reference, as the two games have similar features. Wiler5002 19:14, 28 November 2014 (CET)