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This page is about the starter decks unlocked by winning games. For the preconstructed decks purchasable from the store, see preconstructed deck.

A starter deck is a deck that is unlocked at an early stage of the game in order to help new players to progress. It is similar to a preconstructed deck in that it contains predetermined scrolls, however it is not purchasable from the store.


List of Starter Decks

Deck Unlock condition
Growth Starter Account creation
Energy Starter Winning 3 games (except for challenges) against Energy decks
Order Starter Winning 5 games (except for challenges) against Order decks
Decay Starter Winning 7 games (except for challenges) against Decay decks


There are three achievements connected with starter decks.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Energy achievement.png Energy Starter Deck Win 3 games against Energy 100
Order achievement.png Order Starter Deck Win 5 games against Order 100
Decay achievement.png Decay Starter Deck Win 7 games against Decay 100


Preconstructed decks

Before starter decks were implemented, new players started with one of the following (now removed) preconstructed decks of their choice.

Contrary to starter decks which are all four given for free, players had to buy from the store the three other preconstructed decks they didn't pick at first if they wanted them.