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I would recommend using something other than JUST color to differentiate between "removed scrolls" and "future update" scrolls.

For instance, to someone with red-green color blindness (one of the most common types) this page would look like... Note: If you're worried about the link below, just google for something like "view site color blind" to find your own color blind site viewer.;;l=0;j=1;;t=p

This shouldn't be that much of a problem. Future scrolls have TBD written in the same field as the color, so it should be pretty clear that the colored fields with numbers are removed scrolls. Also, it doesn't really make a difference, since removed scrolls will be re-added in a future update (with decay), so "removed" and "future update" are almost the same thing anyway. If you have a suggestion though, what else to use, let us know. Varicus 11:26, 7 June 2013 (CEST)

Using templates for this

I just made 1 template for each scroll, and sub-templates for those, that allow to build any sortable table of any list of scrolls quickly. The template is copied from the table of this wiki. About_ollj is a showcase.

Template advantages:

If a card gets updated, currently a lot of tables on this wiki would need to be updated. Using templates only would need the templates updated.

You can easily make smaller lists of only a few similar cards by using the templates. For example a seperate list of all outdated/discontinued cards or mMake a sortable list of all cards that cost 1 energy regardless of faction.

The templates can be included in tables with additional columns. Everyone could list the ammount of owned cards or add any comment in a new column.

Sub templates for labels like "structure" can easily get renamed once, and they will appear renamed where ever they are in use. They can also get replaced by an icon like its done with the faction symbol.

Sadly the User-about page dopes not support templates, wich explains the name of the About_ollj page.

FYI, you DO have a user page which supports templates, that is: User:Ollj. Unfortunately, there's no direct link to it as SG replaces regular user links with its own user pages.
Using templates is a very good idea, that I also talked about with kbasten, but unfortunately I lacked the time to implement them.
However, it would have been nice to first try with a few templates (rather than creating hundreds of small ones) and discuss it with other active contributors, including Varicus which uses a script for updating the scrolls database. Too bad I didn't notice your edits at the time you did them...
For your future contributions (you're still welcome), please note that you don't need (and actually should not) prefix templates' name with "T-". That's what the "Template:" namespace is for, and adding such a prefix also interferes with some wiki features. Also, please sign your posts (in talk pages only) with ~~~~ (which will be automatically replaced with your username and edit date/time when saving)
--Fomtg 02:17, 30 December 2013 (CET)

Why do some words have an extra [] around them

I just tried to manual fix this but all it did was break the links. It makes the page look ugly and broken, anyone with more experience than I know the problem? -- unsigned comment by Wiler5002, 16 November 2014. Plese sign comments on talk pages with ~~~~.

Looks like you figured out the problem yourself :) The reason why the brackets were there is that the Scrolls Database gets updated by a script which retrieves the in-game text. All words that are highlighted (clickable) have those brackets around them in their in-game text. I'll talk to the script owner that he fixes this before the next update. -- Lukigamer 12:23, 17 November 2014 (CET) (SG Wiki Admin)
Appears to be fixed now with this latest update. :) Wiler5002 05:43, 24 November 2014 (CET)