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== References ==
== References ==
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Scrolls can be bought with Gold or Shards, although options to use the latter are limited (in order to prevent Scrolls from becoming a pay-to-win game).




The store in Scrolls offers you a few different ways to buy scrolls.

Random Scroll
You gain a random scroll from all scrolls available in the game for 100 gold.
Resource-specific Scroll
You gain a random scroll from the selected resource (Order, Growth, Energy or Decay) for 200 gold
Scrolls pack
A pack of ten scrolls for 1000 gold. Contains one rare, two uncommon and seven common scrolls (see Rarity).
Just for You
A random selection of 6 scrolls:
  • 2 rare for 1000 gold or 120 shards apiece,
  • 2 uncommon for 500 gold or 60 shards apiece, and
  • 2 common for 100 gold or 12 shards apiece.
Offers are switched every 3 days.
Preconstructed Decks
Decks of 50 predetermined scrolls, which can only be bought once each (excluding the deck you picked at the beginning).
  • Four mono-resource decks for each type of resources. 6500 gold or 500 shards apiece.
  • Two mixed decks. 8000 gold or 650 shards apiece.


Scrolls can be also sold in the store. The current prices are:

Rarity Buy For
Common 25
Uncommon 50
Rare 100


Scrolls can also be bought from other players through trading. There are many websites that show the prices of scrolls to the community.

List of Scrolls Prices Websites


ScrollsBot used to be able to trade with players. It offered fixed prices like the store, except that rarity was accounted for.[1]

Prices were:

Rarity Buy For Sell For
Common 4 20
Uncommon 15 50
Rare 40 100

When ScrollsBot was low on gold, it would only buy rare scrolls.