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* [[Gun Automaton]]
* [[Gun Automaton]]
* [[Useless Contraption]]
* [[Useless Contraption]]
* [[Plating]]
* [[Junkyard]]
* [[Junkyard]]
* [[Kinfolk Veteran]]
* [[Blessing of Haste]]
* [[Ducal Spearman]]
* [[Ducal Spearman]]
* [[Resonant Helm]]
* [[Resonant Helm]]

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As of Alpha 0.75.0, every Scroll costs 10 Gold and is chosen at random from the Store.

They can also be sold to the Store for 3 Gold, regardless of the rarity.

All of the following scrolls are available as a set of 3 in the Pre-constructed Decks (as of Alpha 0.75.0) and are therefore worthless for trading:

ScrollsBot can be traded with and offers fixed prices like the Store, except that Rarity is accounted for.[1]

The current prices are:

Rarity Buy For Sell For
Common 4 20
Uncommon 15 50
Rare 40 100

When ScrollsBot is low on Gold he will only buy Rare scrolls.