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Structures are a type of Unit. When summoned, they stay on the battlefield. Most Structures cannot move. They can be used to block enemy Creatures or to give benefits to own Units.

There are different types of Structures:


Walls are a type of Structure used to block enemy attacks. Friendly Creatures are not blocked, so they are best used to protect Units with a high countdown; this would help prevent enemy Creatures from defeating them while counting down.

Walls do not protect Units against Siege Weapons and Spells; therefore, these are most effective ways of attacking Units protected by Walls.


Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons are Structures which damage enemy Units by hurling objects directly at them.

While most Siege Weapons have a blast radius of 1, meaning they will only hit one Unit with every attack, there are a few Siege Weapons which damage an area. Those Units are particularly useful against large groups of enemy Units, since they can deal lots of damage to all adjacent Units.