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In-game tutorial screenshot

The tutorial is accessible by all players who have joined scrolls. The tutorial tab is located under Arena, where players are able to learn the basic mechanics of the game. The player will be playing with a growth deck regardless of the first preconstructed deck you chose. It will cover attacking, movement, sacrificing for resources and turns.

Upcoming Changes

On January 28, 2014 Måns announced that Mojang would update the tutorial in order to improve the early game experiences for new players.[1] On April 7, 2014 Mojang revealed the following preview along with the information that the former tutorial would be replaced by two new ones.[2]

Preview of one of the new tutorials


There is currently one achievement connected with the tutorial.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Welcome achievement.png Respect your elders Completed the Scrolls tutorial 100


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