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Scrolls Changelog 0.117.0 - The Rebellion update
Author: Zylus
Date: Tue 25 Feb, 2014 4:00 PM Views: 7968
Greetings, fellow scrolldiers! The day of Rebellion has finally arrived and the live server has been patched with all the greatness that is the Rebellion update. So update your game and get playing! :)

See below for the complete, official changelog and continue reading after that for some additional information!

  • The active player is now more clearly highlighted
  • UI now shows what you and your opponent has recently sacrificed for.
  • The “”Ctrl”" stats display now remembers state between matches.
  • Added a hint box to the login screen.
  • Testing Grounds have been updated. Idols have 10 Health, timer is at 75
  • seconds, and a mulligan option has been added.

  • Added 56 new scrolls from the Rebellion set.
  • Temporary effects from spells and units are now marked as Effects rather than Enchantments.
  • Focus and many similar scrolls no longer last longer than one turn.
  • Brother of the Wolf and many similar scrolls now increase their Countdown by the base value instead of a fixed number.
  • Leeching Ring (Growth) now uses base Countdown for healing instead of the value printed on the scroll.
  • Crimson Bull (Growth) now costs 3, up from 2.
  • Kinfolk Veteran (Growth) now has 3 Health, down from 4.
  • Necrogeddon (Decay) now costs 7, up from 6.
  • Erode (Growth) now works on opponent structures as well as yours.


  • Added Explorer’s Pack, which costs 1200 and is guaranteed to give you at least 4 Rebellion scrolls.
  • Added 4 new hard preconstructed decks. Thanks to Blinky for assisting us in building these.
  • Made packs and singles have a chance of giving you an upgraded scroll.

Deck builder / Trade
  • Added an “”Add scrolls”" button to add one of each selected scroll to the table.
  • Library sorting (name/cost) is now remembered between sessions.
  • Card lists (trade, buy/sell) now support the count filter (#:).
  • Added new search filters: ap:, cd:, hp:, c: and fl: for Attack, Countdown, Health, Cost and Flavor, respectively.
  • Made filtering using full words possible (type:, rarity:, desc:, tier:, set:, cost:, attack:, countdown:, health: and flavor:).
  • Hitting Ctrl+Enter in the filter box adds one of each filtered scroll to the table. Similarly, Ctrl+Delete removes one of each filtered scroll.
  • Clicking a unit in the deck builder now previews their attack animation.
  • The deck builder now shows number of types (library) and scrolls (table) when a filter is used.

  • Judgement no longer shows the same scroll twice in a row.
  • Judgement now uses fixed Rarity rows. The rows are cycled as follows: R, C, U, C, C, U, C.
  • Judgement decks are now destroyed after 5 wins or 2 losses.
  • Judgement rewards have been adjusted to compensate for the tweaks, and the entry fee has been lowered to 800 gold / 120 shards.

  • The auto-join cap for “”General”" chat rooms has been raised from 30 to 50.
  • Moderators can now temporarily ban users from chat rooms (up to one week).
  • Moderators can now mute users for up to one hour.
  • Custom chat rooms are now auto-rejoined in new sessions.

  • Profile page shows percentage of unique scrolls owned.
  • The config file format has been updated. Some settings may unfortunately be lost as a result of this. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  • Added 13 new trials (7 Hard, 4 Medium and 2 Easy).
  • Tier 3 scrolls now slightly increase match rewards. Drawing a T3 scroll increases a multiplier (2.5%, 5%, 10% for C/U/R), capped at 50%. After a game, match rewards are increased by this amount (excluding fixed rewards like idol or completion bonuses).
  • Added seven new battle backgrounds.
  • Added a setting to disable visuals for upgraded scrolls.
  • Crafting now shows the scrolls from your starter deck in locked piles.
  • Stats are now cleared when trading away an upgraded scroll.

Bug Fixes
  • Accept trades / Accept challenge buttons are now enabled per default for new users.
  • The “”Alt”" stats display now behaves correctly.
  • Long names should no longer be cut off in battle mode.
  • Concentrate Fire now works with Piercing. Note that the extra attack is of the same type as the unit’s attack when Concentrate Fire was cast, so a Piercing Projectile cast later won’t affect the second attack.
  • Binding Root (and similar effects) now stop Mire Shambler from moving before attacking.
  • White flashing under units that are about to attack now works properly in spectate mode.”

Known issues
  • If you have problems updating Scrolls after this update, we’re very sorry! Please reinstall Scrolls from your Mojang account page at

Well, that sure was a long changelog! If you're still interested to find out more about Rebellion, simply continue reading! :)

Complete list of the new scrolls:

Spoiler: [show]

Spoiler: [show]

Spoiler: [show]

Spoiler: [show]

The new backgrounds:
Spoiler: [show]

That's it for now! Now go out and have fun with the new update :) If there is anything that's missing in this news post, feel free to contact me or post a reply!

Thanks for being part of this amazing community,
the SG team

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FlaskenTue 25 Feb, 2014 4:17 PM
Uhh - I love the update. 800g for entry fee for Judgement seems fair. Can't wait for tonight!

flamerageTue 25 Feb, 2014 4:40 PM
YAY! I can't wait to play the new update when i get home!
NenananasTue 25 Feb, 2014 5:20 PM
Rebellion, starts NOW! Muhahahaha! :D
HolyJelloTue 25 Feb, 2014 7:16 PM
Gonna stage a real rebellion at work, so that I can get to the fun Rebellion that much faster. Thinking virtual Ukraine action!! :shock:

Still gonna be 10 hours before the battling begins. :|

It will be worth the wait. Thanks Mojang dudes. :ugeek:
chacer98Tue 25 Feb, 2014 9:37 PM
I was one of the first people to get in after the update and have been ever since. I'm absolutely in love with Rebellion. The direction the game seems headed in is a lot better after getting a chance to use all the brand new units. The update did exactly what it should have for me in that it made everything about Scrolls better and more fun. One negative I have noticed is an increase in the amount of lag/freeze that happens for a few seconds right after you do an action of any sort. But really that's a minor gripe. Just wanted to say great job Mojang
sitenukerWed 26 Feb, 2014 12:07 AM
Mostly awesome but can anyone tell me what the change to Mire Shambler is all about?
I have not noticed that the Shambler only moves if it has a movement point left. In fact I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to have a movement point left for it's forced movement before attacking.
I'm also pretty sure that binding root doesn't prevent other forced movement such as that from Pother.
Binding Root's rules text should now read "Enchanted unit's move is decreased by 1. If enchanted unit is a Mire Shambler, it does not move randomly before attacking"
What if you use an effect like roasted bean potion on a Mire Shambler that has Binding Root on it?
This change makes this interaction unintuitive AND illogical. I just don't get it at all. :?

Sorry for dwelling on such a minor negative point. The changes, on the whole, are awesome! :D