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Test Server Patch 1.3.5 - More balance tweaks
Author: Zylus
Date: Fri 26 Jun, 2015 4:08 PM Views: 12326

  • Nutrition (Growth): Reverted to previous version (cost 1, no Replenish).
  • Erode (Growth): Reverted to previous version (2 damage).
  • Consolidator Niara (Growth): 4 Attack (was 2). Buff now only gives +1 Attack.
  • Outcast Rebel (Growth): 2 Health (was 3).
  • Breaker (Growth): Now gets +1 Attack and +1 Health after dealing damage.
  • Fierce Tactics (Growth): Now additionally gives opponent ranged units Curse 1 until end of turn.
  • Leeching Ring (Growth): Now heals by Attack value instead of healing fully.
  • Callback (Order): Cost 3 (was 4).
  • Wings Soldier (Order): 2 Attack (was 1), Creature strike 2 (was 3).
  • Unbind (Decay): Reverted to previous version (cost 3).
  • Sanctuary of the Lost (Decay): Now also gives Magic resistance 1 to Undead.
  • Atrophy (Decay): Atrophy debuff now expires when intended [bug fix].
  • Beetle Stone (Decay): Reworked: Cost 3. 0/-/3. Magic reistance 3. When Beetle Stone comes into play, your opponent's Lingering spells count down by 3.
  • Excogitator (Energy): Cost 6 (was 5).
  • Wind-up Automaton (Energy): 2 Health (was 3).

Custom Matches

  • Can now play the same custom match again after losing against the AI.
  • Added background(backgroundName) - backgroundName is the same names as in the Settings menu, for example 'grasslands'.
  • Added chooseDifficulty() - lets the user choose the AI difficulty of the challenge.


  • Tier 2 and 3 scrolls now give 3x and 9x more gold when sold to the shopkeeper.

Bug Fixes

  • Spectated matches should no longer desynchronize.
  • Fixed bugs related to avatars and idols in replays.
davidslainFri 26 Jun, 2015 5:52 PM
Interesting change to Fierce Tactics. Fits well with the theme of the scroll, and it's good to see Decay get some anti-lingering.
LahoPaaFri 26 Jun, 2015 7:03 PM
In case there is any interest in keeping beetle stones the same as they are but making them playable I have a suggestion: Simply make the effect of returning to deck count as death. This means you can trigger enchantments (wicked being, heritage, faith chains) and also trigger other decay death effects like watcher and scavenger construct. This would add a lot of synergy to decks that specialize around D/O with direct idolhate. Right now on live the stones just do 1 thing with absolutely no synergy with other scrolls, except targeted structure draw... and I dunno if that even counts as synergy.

I don't really know if a unit like the new beetle stone is something we need or anyone will even play? Isn't Rattle Hymn still waaay better, except if you need more than 3 anti lingering in your deck for some reason that I can't think of?

I'm also a bit confused by the Fierce Tactics change. Seems like such a specific group of creatures to target I don't think it will be very good. At least make it a wider range of creatures like all humans or something.

Maybe cost 2 would be something to try?(without the weird curse effect) Might change the card to be too easily playable in every decktype though. +1 attack would also be great, but... yeah we have so much of that already I doubt it's a good idea :D
yupSat 27 Jun, 2015 4:45 AM
Callback (Order): Cost 3 (was 4).

Did you mean Pushback? Callback costs 1 iirc? (or was the cost also changed in recent test server patch?)
4RobatoSat 27 Jun, 2015 10:48 AM
Nice changes overall tho I would like to see little buff to Walls as they serve to hold positions against super aggro decks and make mid-range decks more viable. There are not that many walls in Scrolls that has only the purpose of a wall but I would like too see buffs to:

• Eternal Statue: 5 Health (was 4)

• Illthorn: 5 Health (was 4)

• Obelisk: 4 Heatlh (was 5). Add armor 1.

• Pillar of Disease: Cost 2 (was 3)

So hopefully this changes can help make them more viable in the game and we see a lot more of mid-range decks.
NeoharrymenMon 29 Jun, 2015 2:24 AM
Nice changes. After a bit of testing, here's a bit of feedback:

Breaker- now an absolute beast only slightly weaker than Rot-eater, but less situational

Fierce Tactics- the change was funny :D but not very useful, very situational

Erode- good, don't buff pudding further :D

Niara- feels a bit awkward :P Now, it is a viable creature instead of a buff-totem. Plays somewhat differently but that may be intended

Beetle stone- Why play this over rattle hymn? Maybe 4 health instead?

Windup- a very big nerf, now it is significantly weaker to spark/soul steal, maybe keep the 2 health but pay 2 energy to trigger instead?

Excogitator- another big nerf but one that I like. It slows down the game for energy which is needed. Maybe you should make it cost 2 to decrease count down or have more health?

p.s. give void gate some love such as the ability to sacrifice it to destroy it yourself
ParalykeetMon 29 Jun, 2015 9:50 AM
Could we seriously just change what Excog spits out? Having a big dumb forge to carry the game as a unique is dandy, but spitting out little armored lords is often just oppressive, where a source of Cannisters or Replicatons (that actually put a Replicaton in your hand if it's needs are met) could do the intended job without making Windup or (ironically) Scout Auto far better at performing their roles.

For simple comparison, consider if Growth got a unit that spit out Mangy Wolves. It would be egregious, no?

I also really dislike the Breaker buff. :< Something like "Relentless when over 5ATK" would have been a sweet buff. Life total gain is something way too abusable (hello Scavenger Construct.)