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Every attacking scroll placed has a predetermined amount of turns, called the Countdown, needed to end until attacking. They will attack on their own when this time is reached. The number of turns you need to end for them to attack is said on the middle icon on their scroll, which appears appropriately as an hour glass (a - will appear for non-attacking scrolls). The amount of damage dealt is a number on the sword icon to the left.


On the game board, if once the countdown has ended, the unit is able to attack. On the game board, the units attack in order of columns and rows, where the units in the first column (closest to the opponent) will attack first and the units in the third column (farthest from the opponent) will attack last. Within a column, the first (top) row units will attack first and the last (bottom) row units will attack last. Placement of the units is crucial since it can be the difference of destroying the unit or losing your advantage of board positioning.

Screenshot of the board with numbers depicting the order of attack (starting at 1 and ending at 15).