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If you have Avast! Antivirus and you are having issues with Scrolls freezing on starting the game, then your Avast! install is outdated and will need to be updated.

Depending on your Avast! version, the following steps may not appear the same. If you are unable to find the method to update for your current version, then please re-install Avast!.


To update your Avast! program and virus definitions, go to the Avast! control panel

Select Settings.

Avast control center.png

Select Update.

Avast update select.png

Select Update on both the Virus Definitions and the Program.

Avast update button.png


To reinstall Avast! Antivirus, go to the Control Panel and select Programs. Under Programs and Features, click 'Uninstall a program'.

Select Avast! Antivirus and go through the uninstall process.

You must reboot your computer after uninstalling.

You may then download the lastest version of Avast! Antivirus from their site: http://www.avast.com/en-us/index