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The Black Market is a feature to facilitate player-to-player trading of scrolls, introduced in the Waypoints update (0.131 beta). It can be accessed through the store. Using the Black Market, players are able to browse scrolls other players have put up for sale, or sell their own at a price (in gold) of their choosing. Trading through the Black Market is indirect, so a sale can be made even when the seller is not online; however, 15% of the scroll's price is collected by the fence upon sale.

Buy scrolls

Buying a Bear Paw

When entering the Black Market, each unique scroll is listed in the left-hand panel along with the current lowest price. The text field below can be used to search the list, including the use of filter tags. Upon selecting a scroll from the list, it will appear in the right-hand panel along with the current price, how many are being sold on the market, and how many copies the player currently owns. Clicking the "Buy" button will immediately debit the player for the listed amount of gold and add the scroll to his or her collection.

Sell scrolls

The selling window

Clicking the "Sell scrolls" button will open a separate menu with three panels. On the left side is a complete list of the scrolls the player owns, including multiple copies. The middle panel lists the scrolls the player is currently offering on the market, and scrolls that have already been sold appear on the right. Clicking the '+' next to a scroll in the left panel will open a prompt to sell it. From here, the player can set the price, which equals the current lowest price by default. Below, the fence's cut and your share of the sale are displayed; this is the amount of gold the player will receive when the scroll sells.

Only ten offers can be made on the Black Market at a time. When a scroll is sold, you get notified similar to finding an opponent for a multiplayer game. The sold scroll will be removed from the middle panel and appear on the right, where the player may click on it to claim his or her share of the gold. When selling, it is useful to remember that scrolls are always traded at the lowest price available - selling at a lower price will increase the likelihood of a sale, while a scroll with a higher price will not sell until the lower-priced offers do. Since the Black Market is player-driven, prices change frequently, so players selling may find it worthwhile to periodically check market prices and update their offers accordingly.


There are two achievements connected with the black market.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Store achievement.png Money mule Buy a scroll on the Black Market 100
Store achievement.png Shady business Sell a scroll on the Black Market 100