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The crafting menu

Crafting allows you to upgrade scrolls so that they have different borders and keep track of statistics for a specific scroll. Furthermore, fully upgraded scrolls slightly increase the match rewards.

According to Owen, the purpose of crafting is to give your deck more of a unique identity and the possibility to see which scrolls have proved most successful.[1] However, it's likely that another purpose is to give players with a full collection of scrolls more opportunities to spend their gold.


Tier 1/2/3

Scrolls can exist in three different tiers:

Tier 1: A normal scroll that has not been upgraded. It does not keep track of statistics.
Tier 2: An upgraded scroll with a shiny border that keeps track of statistics.
Tier 3: An upgraded scroll with an animated shiny border that keeps track of the same statistics as a tier 2 scroll and that increases match rewards when drawn during a game.

To craft a tier 2 scroll you have to place 3 tier 1 scrolls into the empty spaces in the crafting menu. By clicking the "Upgrade" button, two of those scrolls will be sacrificed and the mid scroll will be upgraded to a tier 2 scroll. To craft a tier 3 scroll, you have to do the same thing except for using tier 2 scrolls. This means that a tier 3 scroll consists of 9 standard (tier 1) scrolls.

Upgraded scrolls can also be obtained by purchasing random scrolls in the store. For single scrolls, there's a small chance that it is a tier 2 or tier 3. When purchasing a scroll pack, there's a small chance that you get an eleventh scroll which is always an upgraded one.

Scrolls from starter decks are locked. They can be identified by a lock symbol in the crafting menu. Those scrolls can be used for crafting, however, they can only be placed in the mid slot. By placing two non-locked scrolls to the left and right, you can upgrade your locked scroll.

Upgraded scrolls can be traded or sold on the black market, which resets their statistics. In the deck builder, it is possible to filter your scrolls by tier with the l: or tier: keyword. The special border visuals can be turned off in the Settings. Upgraded scrolls then have a small T2 or T3 in the top right corner.

Reward Increase

Each Tier 3 scroll you draw during a match increases a multiplier. Depending on the rarity of the drawn Tier 3 scroll, this multiplier is increased by 2.5%/5%/10%. In the end, your match rewards (excluding fixed amounts such as Idol and Completion rewards) are multiplied by this amount. The maximum bonus you can get is 50%.


A tier 3 Ilmire Rot Eater with displayed statistics

Tier 2 and 3 scrolls keep track of a variety of statistics, including an owner history. There are some statistics that are kept for every scroll, no matter what type (creature, structure, spell, enchantment) it is. These statistics are (along with the date when this scroll was upgraded to tier 2):

Matches: The number of played matches with a deck including this scroll
Wins: The number of won matches with a deck including this scroll
Played: The number of times this scroll was played
Sacrificed: The number of times this scroll was sacrificed

Additionally, there are statistics that depend on the type of scroll:

Damage: The amount of damage this creature/spell/structure has dealt
Units killed: The number of units this creature/structure/spell has killed
Idols killed: The number of idols this creature has killed
Destroyed: The number of times this creature/structure has been destroyed
Health healed: The amount of Health this scroll has healed

The statistics can be viewed both in the lobby and during a game by clicking on the arrow next to the description text of the scroll. Clicking it again brings up the owner history. Note that statistics are tracked for a specific scroll and not for all scrolls with the same name. This means that, for example, three upgraded Ilmire Rot Eaters do not necessarily have the same statistics. When trading away a scroll, the statistics are reset.


There are 2 achievements connected with crafting:

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Misc achievement.png Statty Craft a tier 2 scroll 100
Misc achievement.png Shiny Craft a tier 3 scroll 100