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Curse is a Trait that was introduced with the Decay faction. The Curse keyword always comes with a figure (eg. Curse 2). If a Unit is cursed, Physical damage and Poison damage it receives is increased by its Curse amount. Example: A Sister of the Bear (a 4-Health Creature) with Curse 1 dies to an attacking Kinfolk Veteran (which normally deals 3 damage).


Curse increases Physical and Poison damage. This can be effectively used by often dealing little amounts of damage, which means Curse combos well with poison, and with low attack creatures.

Curse also helps combat against Armor. Example: A Tempest Reaver has Armor 1. If is is given Curse 2, and attacked by a 2 attack creature, it will be dealt 3 damage. (2 Attack + 2 Curse - 1 Armor = 3 Damage)

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