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Damage can be dealt to units and idols. It results in a reduction of the current Health of the attacked unit or idol. This does not decrease its maximum Health value though.


Damage types

There are four different damage types. The distinction between these is important, as some interactions depend on the damage type.

Physical damage

Main article: Physical damage

Physical damage is dealt when a unit attacks normally during the attack phase. It also includes damage dealt by traits that trigger during attacks, namely Spiky and Piercing. However, there are also scrolls which explicitly state that their ability deals physical damage, e.g. Ether Pump, Charge Coil or Rigged.

Physical damage is increased by Curse and decreased by Armor.

Magic damage

Main article: Magic damage

Magic damage is dealt by spells, enchantments and some effects and abilities. Magic damage is always specified explicitly in the scroll description. Examples for this damage type are Spark, Arthritis or Sinmarked Zealot (when sacrificed).

Magic damage is not increased by Curse, but can be decreased by Magic resistance.

Poison damage

Main article: Poison

Poison damage is dealt by the Poison effect and by a few other scrolls. It is always specified explicitly in the scroll description.

Poison damage is increased by Curse, but cannot be decreased.

Pure damage

Main article: Pure damage

Pure damage occurs on scrolls that deal damage to themselves through the use of certain abilities. It is notably different than other damage types, as it cannot be altered by Curse, Armor, or Magic armor.