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Defending is an act in which players use any resourceful scroll to protect, or prevent damage to idols, units or structures (in this case they will be referred to as "objectives"). The most basic forms of defense is to block the creatures from attacking. The use of structures, walls or sacrificial units to defend the objective behind. This form of defense is only temporary and can cause the player to be stuck in a defensive position.

Other ways to defend units is to prevent them from being targeted. This includes:


Sacrificial Units

Sacrificial Units (SU) makes use of units that are not of importance, to divert the opponents attack away. A SU is simply any cheap resource creature that is disposable. It is best to use this to defend lightly and only when you need to stop the opponent from destroying the objective. If the attacking opponent's creature has relentless, the SU can absorb some of the attack, lessening the collateral damage.

Protective Units

Protective Units (PU) are in a sense similar to SU's but their role is different. PU's main use is to protect the important objectives behind it. They are usually high costs, with high health and can survive the attack from the opponent. This term can also be applied to units with enchantments on them which reduces the opponents attack. Enchantments such as Plating or Potion of Resistance are used to change Sacrificial Unis to Protective Units.


Walls are another fundamental aspect of defense. They are the basis of protecting objectives. They are structures with the sole purpose of absorbing damage. Correct use of walls and your objective will be protected from any damage. Note: They cannot be moved once placed (except from the ability of Machine Priest)

Offensive Structures

Offensive Structures are used similarly to walls, but with the added ability to attack. Scrolls such as Destroyer and Hellspitter Mortar are useful since they have relatively high health and can attack opponent units.