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Effects are attributes a unit can have. They can come into play as buffs, as in the case of Royal Vanguard and Desperation, or as debuffs, as in the case of Sickening Fumes and Horn of Ages, in both cases lasting only one turn. Effects can also be present during trials in the place of enchantments (for example, if a daily trial's description reads "Your units come into play with Eternal Sword", they will be summoned with a permanent Eternal Sword effect. Poison and Curse, though originally enchantments, were changed to effects to prevent area-of-effect units and spells from afflicting one side with many enchantments and thereby buffing the Attack of any Vilda the Verdant on that side.

Effects can be removed from a unit with Purification, Unbind and by using the ability of Wings Sorceress.

Effects should not be confused with death effects; rather than a type of effect, death effects are events which instantly remove a unit from the board.


Spells which create effects

Units which create effects

Structures which create effects

Enchantments which create effects