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The game board is where matches take place.

Screenshot of the gameboard, taken by Jakob to display the new pre-alpha layout.


The game board features 30 total hexagonal tiles for units to stand on, separated in two to distinguish each side. Unit placement is fairly crucial in a typical game of Scrolls, since units only attack in a straight line; default unit movement of 1 tile per turn helps alleviate this concern.

Both players have five idols on their side, with 10 HP each in most cases, which represent their health. A standard game of Scrolls is won by destroying three of the opposing players' idols.

Each player has 15 tiles on their side, and can thus have a maximum number of 15 units in-game at the same time; however, spells and enchantments can still be played when all spaces are full.

Attack order

Screenshot of the board with numbers depicting the order of attack (starting at 1 and ending at 15).

Units attack in a set order which is from front to back, and from top to bottom.

Therefore a unit placed at the top row and the front column (furthest away from your idols) will attack first when its countdown reaches zero.


The type of terrain the units are on, which is random, is purely aesthetic and has no effect on gameplay.