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Gold, the currency used in Scrolls, was added in Alpha 0.70.0,[1] and can be earned by battling the computer or other players.

You can spend the Gold earned from matches to purchase new scrolls for 100 Gold in the Store (Also added in Alpha 0.70.0), among other items such as custom idols, preconstructed decks, or avatar parts. You may also use Gold to purchase scrolls from other players by trading or on the black market. As of 0.79a destroying idols will net the player 20 Gold for each in multiplayer, and 10 Gold in battles against bots. As of 0.84a Gold wins were increased by 33% for RobotEasy, RobotMedium increased by 42% and RobotHard increased by 33%

Acquiring Gold from Battles

This graph show the approximate growth of the Gold Multiplier over the length of a battle

Every time you complete a battle you will receive a certain amount of Gold. You get the match gold just for taking part, but the victory gold only goes to the victor. You can also get some of the match gold if you Surrender and the match has lasted long enough (currently an unknown time). Note: The values here are all approximations.

A multiplier is then added based on the time it took to finish the game. This multiplier increases quickly at the start of the match and gradually slows down as the match goes on (see the graph on the right). There is an optimum match length for the highest Gold acquisition rate (approximately 7 minutes).[2]