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Screenshot of the Judgement Card Selection and Stats screen.

Judgement is a game mode that was released on October 21st, 2013 as part of the 0.110 beta update.[1]

It is a limited format, i.e. players don't use their collection of scrolls in Judgement matches. Instead, they create a bespoke deck from a random selection and use it for up to six competitive matches. In Judgement matches, players can always sacrifice for Wild and idols have 6,8,10,8,6 Health.

To create a Judgement deck, players have to pay an entrance fee. It is currently 800 gold or 120 Shards. After playing all matches, players are rewarded depending on their performance.


Deck Building

Players select one scroll from rows of four until they have a total of 35. The process of picking scrolls this way is called drafting. A scroll cannot appear more than once in the same row. After picking 35 scrolls, players build a deck using at least 30 of them in a dedicated deck builder which only shows scrolls previously picked.

Once the deck is saved, it can be viewed in the Deck Options selection of the Judgement menu. Judgement decks are either destroyed after five wins or two losses, meaning they can be used for up to six matches.

Players can only own one Judgement deck at a time, but they can discard it before having played all matches. If they do so, they still earn rewards (as if remaining matches were defeats).

Weighted Rarities

Judgement has a unique modifier applied to scrolls during the drafting process that eliminates certain scrolls entirely and reduces the occurrence of others.[2] Below, you can find a list of all scrolls with modified occurrence chances.



0% (never occur)


Rewards selection after playing all matches
Overview over the chosen scrolls and the earned gold

Players get no gold at the end of games, but they collect rewards when all Judgement matches are completed or when they withdraw their deck. Then a special screen allows them to pick their rewards from the list of scrolls they played in the deck. Scrolls that were picked for the initial 35 scrolls but weren't included in the deck can't be chosen.

Rewards are based on the number of matches a player won with that deck. Below is the prize list for each possible win count.

Wins Gold Scrolls
0 150
  • 2 commons
1 400
  • 2 commons
  • 1 uncommon
2 800
  • 2 commons
  • 1 uncommon
  • 1 rare
3 1,500
  • 2 commons
  • 2 uncommons
  • 1 rare
4 2,000
  • 2 commons
  • 2 uncommons
  • 2 rares
5 3,500
  • 2 commons
  • 2 uncommons
  • 3 rares


There are currently six achievements connected with Judgement.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Welcome achievement.png Judgement day Create your first Judgement deck 100

Competitive achievement.png First Judgement win Win one match with a Judgement deck 100
Competitive achievement.png Two Judgement wins Win two matches with the same Judgement deck 100
Competitive achievement.png Three Judgement wins Win three matches with the same Judgement deck 100
Competitive achievement.png Four Judgement wins Win four matches with the same Judgement deck 100
Competitive achievement.png Five out of five Win five matches with the same Judgment deck 100



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