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The lore is the background plot of the game. Not much is known about it yet.

To celebrate the Rebellion Update, Mojang revealed the map and a brief history of the known world.[1][2]

Map of the known world

World map.png

A brief history of the known world

A brief history of the known world (page 1).jpg A brief history of the known world (page 2).jpg A brief history of the known world (page 3).jpg

Text version:

Not much is known about those who once walked the lands. We only see what's left behind. Giants of metal and stone. Lingering sorceries. Arcane tools unlike anything created since. Knowledge lost in the mists of time.

In a blinding light, they disappeared. Night became day. Towering cities were replaced by an ocean of darkness and islands of rock. No one knows why it happened. The world remained in shadow for a hundred years.

Eventually the few survivors began building new societies. This was the Age of Reprocuration. They set out to find lands and build empires. In northern Khaile, the Jarldoms of the Kinfolk were founded. In the southern sands of Dyrra, scattered tribes found their faith dominated by metal machinations. Southeast, in fertile Aescalon, the first stones of the great Empire were laid. A stubborn few stayed in northern Ilmire, struggling to live by the little resources still to be found.

The fledgling civilisations honoured their common heritage and vowed loyalty. The sword enjoyed a long and steady peace. Knowledge was gained. Scholars filled libraries with treasures of their studies. As man's might grew, others were pushed away to carve out a life on the fringers of the civilised world.

A lone scribe found the first traces of mystical powers. Sorceries left by those who came before. This marked the beginning of the Age of Arcana. Magic was found and bound on mighty scrolls. Tools of power to be used, re-used, and abused.

As the empires trembled in fascination and greed over their new powers, so grew their fear. All that was needed to ignite them was the tiniest of sparks. That spark came in the 650th year of the Age of Arcana. A prince of the Empire fell in love with a young girl of the Kinfolk. In a squabble with the girl's brothers, the prince was slain. The Jarl tried to shift the blame by declaring the prince a spy, sent to steal powerful relics. This was not well received by the King Emperor...

In a few short months the world plunged into war. Those who'd called themselves brothers now stood as bitter enemies. Bound by old loyalties, the peoples of Ilmire and Dyrra were drawn into the conflict. Years of battles went by. Reasons were forgotten.

Conflict is still rife. We're in the Age of War. The warring factions are weakened and torn. Free-roaming Callers wander the land, selling their violent services to the highest bidder. Today, crafting scrolls is nothing but weaponsmithing. The Callers who boast most victories fetch the highest fees.

Perhaps one day, these forces will unite and rebuild... but my hopes aren't high.

Siani, scribe
J'Daharai, in sixtieth year of the Age of War


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