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Scrolls Summoner Logo

The Summoner ModLoader for Scrolls was developed to allow the community to add changes to the game that can greatly extent the game's functionality and enhance replay value.

You can find more about it and download it here

As the community grows, more mods will be available to download and add to the game.

The current mods can be found at the repository (Please be wary of other future repositories/mods that may be malicious) The ModLoader is open source, as well as the current mods available for it so it can be checked and can be used to help budding modders.

"The modding API allows for almost unlimited modifying of the game (to the point of cheating, of course!). The documentation for the API is not completely finished, but by looking at the mods already created you should be able to get something up and running pretty quickly. Since we require every mod to be open-source, you will find a list of the mods and their code on the Scrollsguide repository page. The source for the modloader itself can be found on Drakulix's Github, and the software for hosting your own repository can be found on kbasten's Github. A tutorial for writing your own mods can be found in the Summoner forum topic.

This piece of software is not developed or supported by the developers of Scrolls, Mojang. It is a fan-made addition to the game. Although it is a fully functional product, we cannot guarantee it is entirely free of bugs yet. In case you find any bug or problem with Summoner, please make sure it's Summoner-related first before sending bug reports to the Mojang team. Bugs in Summoner, or any of its mods, can be browsed and submitted on the Summoner Bug Reports forum topic."

Note: The Summoner ModLoader will currently only look for the Scrolls default installation path in the %appdata% folder