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Reason: List of scrolls related to Move manipulation is outdated

Move is an unshown stat that governs the number of spaces a Unit can move per turn. Unless specified otherwise or manipulated by another scroll, Creatures have a move of 1 and Structures have a move of 0.

Scrolls that Change Move

Scroll Name Type Cost Ability
Binding Root Enchantment G1 Growth.png Enchanted unit's Move is decreased by 1.
Dryadic Power Enchantment G1 Growth.png Enchanted creature gains +1 Attack and +3 Health, and its Move is decreased by 1.
Horn of Ages Spell O1 Order.png All units opponent controls have their Move decreased by 1 until end of opponent's turn.
New Orders Spell O1 Order.png All your units have their Move increased by 1 until end of turn.
Roasted Bean Potion Enchantment O2 Order.png Enchanted creature's Move is increased by 1.
Wings Captain Creature O4 Order.png When Wings Captain's Countdown becomes 0, Wings Captain and adjacent Soldiers have their Move increased by 1 until end of turn.