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This page is about the damage type Poison. For the trial see Poison (Trial).

Poison damage is one of the four damage types in the game. It can only apply on creatures. Usually, creatures with the Poison effect are dealt poison damage at the beginning of their owner's turn. However, there are also other circumstances that lead to poison damage. Most scrolls connected with Poison can be found in the Decay faction and a small minority in the Growth faction. Poison is removed by healing.

If multiple creatures on a given side are poisoned, the poison is inflicted in attacking order. Poison damage is increased by Curse.

Full List of Scrolls Connected With Poison:

# Set Scroll Name Type Subtype R Cost A C H Trait Ability
69 1 Bitter Root Structure Wall C D1 Decay.png 0 - 2 When Bitter Root is attacked in melee, attacking unit becomes poisoned.
168 2 Blightbearer Creature Human U D4 Decay.png 3 2 4 Blightbearer takes 1 poison damage before attacking. When Blightbearer is destroyed, all creatures on the same row become poisoned.
183 3 Brain Lice Enchantment U D3 Decay.png - - - When Brain Lice comes into play, enchanted creature becomes poisoned. When enchanted creature is destroyed, draw 1 scroll.
3 3 Infected Gravelock Creature Gravelock C D2 Decay.png 2 2 3 When Infected Gravelock attacks a creature, that creature becomes poisoned. Infected Gravelock has Move 0.
187 3 Infectious Blight Enchantment Destruction R D4 Decay.png - - - When Infectious Blight comes into play, enchanted creature becomes poisoned. If it is destroyed by poison, a random creature on the same side gets Infectious Blight.
165 1 Mangy Rat Creature Beast, Rat C D1 Decay.png 1 2 1 When Mangy Rat deals damage to a creature, that creature becomes poisoned.
185 2 Miasma Well Structure Totem C D2 Decay.png 0 - 3 When Miasma Well's countdown becomes 0, poisoned units are dealt 1 poison damage.
102 1 Mire Curse Enchantment U D2 Decay.png - - - Enchanted unit deals 1 poison damage to adjacent creatures at the beginning of each of its turns.
245 4 Pest Dissimulator Creature Human, Mystic U D4 Decay.png 1 2 4 Ranged Attack When Pest Dissimulator deals damage to a creature, the damaged creature and adjacent creatures become poisoned.
100 2 Ranger's Bane Enchantment Destruction U G2 Growth.png - - - Enchanted creature becomes poisoned.
88 2 Vitriol Aura Enchantment C G1 Growth.png - - - When enchanted creature deals damage to another creature, that creature becomes poisoned.