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The profile screen

The profile page is where you are able to view your Rank and Rating, game statistics, achievements and where you can customize your avatar.

You are also able to view other people's profile page by clicking on their name in the right box of the chat menu or in the friend list, then selecting "Profile".


Rank and Rating

Below your name, the badge and title of your Rank and your current Rating are displayed.

Game Statistics

Games played
This is where you can tell how many games have been played by the profile that you are on. These include single and multiplayer matches.
Games won
Displays how many games have been won.
Ranked won
Displays how many ranked matches have been won.
Judgement won
Displays how many Judgement matches have been won.
Last game
Shows when last game was played.
Shows how many scrolls the person currently has.
Unique types
Shows the number of distinct scrolls the person has and its percentage out of the number of released scrolls.
Rarities C/U/R
Displays how many common (C), uncommon (U) and rare (R) scrolls the person currently has.
Displays how much Gold the person has.


Main article: Achievement

You can view your achievements by clicking on the "Show achievements" button in the bottom left.

The icons of the three most recently earned achievements are displayed directly over the button. You can read the descriptions of these three achievements by hovering over the icons.


Main article: Avatar

The avatar can be customized by clicking the "Edit avatar" button. Each players has a bunch of pieces available by default, but more of them can be purchased at the store.

It has two different sets for different genders. It is not possible to mix pieces of both sets. If the player decides to change its set, the other set that was previously saved is randomised.