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Rating is used to describe a player's skill. It is displayed in the top bar of the lobby and in the profile page. The rating also allows to rank players.

Every player starts with a rating of 0. When playing Ranked Matches, the rating changes. In general, the rating increases after a win and decreases after a defeat. The displayed rating consists of a rating value (RV) and a coefficient (C).[1] The RV is calculated based on the ELO rating system and has an initial value of 1500. The coefficient starts at 0 and is increased by a certain amount (possibly 0.1) after every ranked win. After a certain number of wins, C will have reached 1 and stays at 1. The displayed rating is C*RV. This means new players will have their rating increased by a much larger amount after a win than it is decreased after a defeat. Furthermore, the rating doesn't visibly decrease if a player loses his first ranked match.


Rating Decay

Every Sunday, all players' ratings are slightly adjusted towards 1500. The farer away from 1500 your rating is, the more will it change. If your rating is higher than 1500, your rating will decrease by 5 per 100 points you're above 1500. Example: Rating before Rating Decay: 1720 --> after Decay: 1709. The purpose of Rating Decay is to only keep active players in the top rankings.

If your rating is lower than 1500, your rating value (RV) will be increased towards 1500. At the same time, the coefficient (C) is decreased, so that the displayed rating does not change. However, those players will have their rating increased faster after Rating Decay until their coefficient is 1 again.

Read more about Rating Decay on the Scrolls Developer Ramblings Blog.

Ladder Season and Rating Reset

Scrolls has ladder seasons where everybody's rating is reset to 0. When it happens, rewards in the form of avatar heads are given to the top players. In the future, resets are likely to happen when a new set is released.[citation needed]

So far 3 rating resets have happened:


There are currently six achievements connected with Rating.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Competitive achievement.png 1500 Rating Reach a rating of 1500 100
Competitive achievement.png 1600 Rating Reach a rating of 1600 100
Competitive achievement.png 1700 Rating Reach a rating of 1700 100
Competitive achievement.png 1800 Rating Reach a rating of 1800 100
Competitive achievement.png 1900 Rating Reach a rating of 1900 100
Competitive achievement.png 2000 Rating Reach a rating of 2000 100



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