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Relentless is a Trait which enables a unit to use their full attack power when attacking. When a unit with Relentless defeats a scroll, any remaining unused attack power is conserved and used on the next available target; this continues until attack power is depleted.

This is typically a trait of strong, high-attack units, as they have more attack power to spread between multiple targets. Units behind walls are especially vulnerable to the Relentless trait, because a unit with this trait can demolish a wall and continue to attack previously-defended units.

Currently, only melee units have this trait, but Piercing is similar for ranged units.

When used in the game's code, it's referred to as "AttackForwardContinuous".

In-game description

If opponent blocking unit is destroyed, this creature will continue its attack.

Units with Relentless

Other scrolls connected with Relentless