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Resources are required to summon units and to cast spells or enchantments. There are four different resource types, also called factions: Decay, Energy, Growth and Order. Furthermore, there is one neutral resource called Wild.


Resource Pool

In a normal match, every player has a resource pool which is displayed next to the Library and Graveyard icon. It starts without any resources. In order to cast scrolls, players first have to sacrifice a scroll to increase their resource pool. There are two different numbers, separated by a slash. The first number indicates the amount of current resources, meaning the resources the player can spend this turn. The second number is the resource limit. At the beginning of each of the player's turns, the current resources are refilled until they reach the limit.

Increasing Resources


The most common way to increase your resource limit is sacrificing a scroll. Once per turn, players can sacrifice a scroll for either resources or for two new scrolls. When sacrificing for resources, both the current amount of resources and the limit are increased by one.

Example: At the beginning of a match, the player has zero resources. He then sacrifices one scroll from his hand for Growth. He now has one Growth resource and a Growth resource limit of one. He could play a scroll that costs one Growth now, e.g. Ragged Wolf. At the beginning of the next turn, he already starts with one Growth resource. If he sacrifices another scroll, he gains an additional Growth resource and has two current resources.

Note that each resource type has its own resource pool. If you use a deck including scrolls from different factions you need to sacrifice for those factions separately. It is only possible to sacrifice for a certain resource if scrolls of the respective faction are in the deck. Even if, for example, you run Gravelock Outcast in your mono Energy deck, you cannot sacrifice for Growth, which could be used to activate his ability.

Other Methods

Resources can also be increased using other scrolls that have certain abilities. Some of these scrolls increase the resource limit, others only increase the current amount of resources. Some scrolls only increase resources under certain conditions.

Increasing the Resource Limit

The following table lists all scrolls that increase the resource limit, but not immediately the current resources.

Cost Scroll Name Ramp Type Condition Effect
E4 Energy.png Darkstrike D1 Decay.png Spell Deal 2 damage
O3 Order.png Desert Memorial E1 Energy.png Structure When destroyed
E4 Energy.png Echomaton E1 Energy.png Creature If Echomaton is destroyed and has an Attack of 3 or more When an opponent plays a spell, increase Attack by 2.
O1 Order.png Efficiency E1 Energy.png Spell Targeted unit destroys another unit +1 attack
G1 Growth.png Erode D1 Decay.png Spell Deal 2 damage to a structure
O7 Order.png Imperial Resources O1 Order.png Spell Heal own idols by 1, draw 2 cards
E4 Energy.png Law Memorial O1 Order.png Structure If countdown reaches 0
E5 Energy.png Machine Chant E1 Energy.png Spell Target is dealt damage equal to number of caster's structures
O1 Order.png Powerbound O1 Order.png Enchantment If enchanted unit dies
D3 Decay.png Return To Nature G1 Growth.png Spell If at least one creature with this effect is killed Opponent's creatures on target tile and all adjacent tiles get -1 health until end of turn
G3 Growth.png Stone Pact Memorial O1 Order.png Structure
D2 Decay.png Tethered Recruit O1 Order.png Creature If unit is destroyed
E1 Energy.png Tribal Memorial G1 Growth.png Structure When E2 Energy.png is paid
G1 Growth.png Vaettr of the Wild G1 Growth.png Creature While Vaettr remains in play
G2 Growth.png Vengeful Vaettr G1 Growth.png Creature Pillage
O3 Order.png Vigor Extraction D1 Decay.png Spell If target's countdown is 4 or more Increase countdown by 2
O2 Order.png Woodland Memorial G1 Growth.png Structure If the owner of the memorial plays a spell

Note that Vaettr of the Wild increases the resource limit as long as it is in play. This means that the resource limit is decreased when he leaves the board.

Increasing Current Resources

The following scrolls only increase the current amount of resources, but not the limit.

# Set Scroll Name Type Subtype R Cost A C H Trait Ability
94 1 Nutrition Spell U G1 Growth.png - - - Sacrifice target unit you control and add that unit's cost to your current resources.
112 1 Sand Pact Memorial Structure Memorial C G3 Growth.png 0 - 1 When Sand Pact Memorial comes into play, increase current Energy by 5.
182 1 Energy Siphon Enchantment U D2 Decay.png - - - When Energy Siphon comes into play, increase current Energy by 3. Enchanted creature gets -1 Attack and -1 Health.
264 5 Blightseed Spell R D4 Decay.png - - - Target creature you control has its Countdown increased by 2. If it is still on the board at the beginning of your next turn, draw 2 scrolls and increase current Decay by 2.
260 5 Eclipse Spell U D1 Decay.png - - - All your current resources are converted into Decay.
277 5 Fulmination Conduit Structure U E3 Energy.png 0 1 3 Does not count down. Fulmination Conduit counts up instead of down at the beginning of each turn. You may sacrifice Fulmination Conduit to add its Countdown to your current Energy.
282 5 Power Trip Spell R E3 Energy.png - - - Increase your current Energy by 6.
318 5 Top Reaver Thea Creature Human, Reaver R E8 Energy.png 7 2 6 Unique, Ranged attack, Piercing, Pillage: Your current Energy is increased by 2 at the beginning of your next turn.
375 6 Budding Vaettr Creature Vaettr R G3 Growth.png 1 2 3 When a Beast comes into play on your side, increase current Growth by 1.

Using Resources

The most important use of resources is casting scrolls. Every scroll requires a certain amount and type of resource to be played. This cost is found at the top of the scroll.

Activating Abilities

Some scrolls also have abilities related to resources. For the following three scrolls you can spend resources in order to activate an ability. These abilities can be used multiple times per turn.

However, there are also scrolls that have an ability that depends on the amount of current resources, but you do not need to actually spend resources to activate it.