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This page is about the game Scrolls. For information about the anatomy of a scroll see Scroll. For a list of all scrolls see Scrolls Database.

Scrolls is the second game made by Mojang, which has become famous for its popular game Minecraft. Scrolls is a hybrid between a T/CCG (Trading/Collectible Card Game) and a traditional table-top game. The actual cards are called scrolls.




Like in many CCGs, the player has a collection of scrolls. A few of them are then used to build a deck. When playing a match, the player draws scrolls from his deck into his hand. Scrolls can either be units (i.e. creatures and structures) that are summoned on the game board or spells and enchantments, which are used to buff or weaken units. Each scroll requires a certain amount and type of resources in order to play them.

Game board

The game board consists of thirty hexagonal tiles. It is divided into two parts. Each player can only summon units on his side of the board. Behind each of the five rows there is an idol.


Units are summoned on the game board when a player uses a creature or structure scroll. Most units have a Countdown value, which is decreased by one at the beginning of every turn. Whenever a unit's Countdown reaches zero, it attacks. Creatures attack the next target on the same row on the opponent's side of the board. This can either be an opponent unit or an idol. Structures attack a group of tiles on the opponent's side of the board or perform a special action.


Once per turn, the player may sacrifice one of the scrolls in his hand. He can choose whether he wants to increase one of his resource pools by one or draw two other scrolls from his deck. The resource pool is refilled at the beginning of every turn.

Win conditions

In a normal match, the player who first destroys three opponent idols wins the game.


The full version of Scrolls can be purchased for 5 USD. However, there is a free demo version which can be downloaded from