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Welcome to the Scrolls Wiki!


About Scrolls Wiki

The Scrolls Wiki is a fan site with information about Mojang's game Scrolls. The goal is to make the knowledge of the community easily accessible to all players. Everyone is invited to contribute to this project.

Keep in mind that this site is not affiliated with Mojang, AB.

How can I contribute?

In a wiki, everyone can contribute. All you need is a (free) Scrollsguide account, which you can also use for the forum and other features. You don't need any particular wiki experience!

There's a lot that can be done to help improving this wiki. Whether your contribution is as small as fixing a typo or as big as creating a new article, your help is much appreciated!

List of urgent changes

A big update has just been released. This means there's a lot that needs updating in the wiki. Here are a few things:

These are just the most important changes at the moment. There's a lot more you could do!

Share your knowledge

Since there is no complete rulebook in-game, unexpected interactions between scrolls are of special interest. Do you know what happens if you have a creature with Seed of Insurgency and cast Necrogeddon? Will the same creature or a Husk be resummoned? This is just one of hundreds, if not more, examples. If you know anything that could be interesting for other players, don't hesitate to add it to the respective pages.

Add missing information, update outdated pages and create new ones

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pages which are outdated or missing important information. These pages should be marked with Template:Stub, which adds them to the Category:Stub. Take a look at the list; maybe you're able to add the missing information or update the page? For a list of wanted pages that do not yet exist, see Special:WantedPages.

How do I actually edit a page?

To edit pages, you must be logged in. Then you'll find a button next to the search field at the top of each page saying Edit.

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Now you see the source of the page. You'll notice that the wiki uses a special syntax, but don't worry too much about it! It isn't important that you understand everything right away. Many things will become clear as you proceed. If you still want to know something, you can check out the Wikipedia help page.

Now you can actually perform your changes by editing the source text of the page. When you're done with your edit, scroll to the very bottom of the page.

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In the Summary field, you should give a very brief description of what you've changed, e.g. "typo" or "updated ability". If your edit was really small, i.e. fixing typos, you can mark it as minor edit. Before you save your changes, make sure to use the Preview feature! This is to spot typos or formatting errors before the page is saved. When done so and everything looks fine, you can save the page. Congratulations on your first edit! :)

I have a question...

If you have any questions regarding the wiki, feel free to ask! You can leave a comment on the talk page of this Community portal or you can contact an administrator (see below) by either messaging him directly or leaving a comment on his talk page. Please don't hesitate to edit pages because you're not 100% sure of how this works. As long as you add valuable information to a page, other contributors or admins will gladly fix the formatting afterwards :)

List of Administrators