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Shards are the second currency in Scrolls. They can be acquired by using real world currency.


Uses of Shards

Shards can only be used for a limited amount of features. All of them can also be obtained by using gold. These include the Just for You section in the store, preconstructed decks, Avatar sets and the Judgement entry fee. It is not possible to buy random scrolls with Shards, nor use Shards when trading with other players, which is the main reason why Scrolls is not considered "pay to win" by most players.

The value of Shards cannot be easily translated into gold, as seen in the following table. It goes from 4 gold per Shard up to 20.

Use Shards Gold 1 Shard value in gold
Just for You (common) 25 100 4
Just for You (uncommon) 60 500 8.33
Just for You (rare) 120 1000 8.33
Preconstructed decks (standard) 500 6500 13
Preconstructed decks (advanced) 650 8000 12.31
Avatars 500 5000 10
Judgement entry fee 120 800 6.67
Custom Idols Varies Varies 20

How to Acquire Shards

The images below may be different depending upon what currency you use.