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Buy random scrolls at the Store
Buy weekly deal items
Buy Avatar items from the store

The store is the section of the lobby where you can buy scrolls and avatars with gold or shards. You can also sell scrolls to the store and access the black market, where you can buy scrolls from other players or put your own scrolls on sale.


Buy Scrolls

The buy section is divided into the three following categories.

Random Scrolls

In this section you can buy random scrolls. They can only be acquired using gold. There are several offers:

Offer Cost (G) Description
Random Scroll 100 A random scroll from a random faction. A cheap and easy way to boost your collection.
Scroll Pack 1000 10 Scrolls picked randomly from all factions. You're guaranteed to get two uncommons and one rare in this pack. Lucky you!
Explorer's Pack 1200 10 scrolls picked randomly from all factions. You're guaranteed to get two uncommons and one rare in this pack. At least four of the scrolls are from the latest set!
Decay Scroll 200 One scroll picked randomly from the Decay faction. Good luck!
Order Scroll 200 One scroll picked randomly from the Order faction. Good luck!
Growth Scroll 200 One scroll picked randomly from the Growth faction. Good luck!
Energy Scroll 200 One scroll picked randomly from the Energy faction. Good luck!

Upgraded scrolls (scrolls with a higher tier) can also be obtained by purchasing random scrolls in the store. For single scrolls, there's a small chance that it is a tier 2 or tier 3. When purchasing a scroll pack, there's a small chance that you get an eleventh scroll which is always an upgraded one.

Just For You

This section offers a selection of 6 of face-up scrolls for the player to buy. The offer is exclusive for the player and refreshes every 24 hours.

There are always 6 scrolls displayed, 2 of each rarity. For each slot, the chances are 50% that a scroll you have less than three of is displayed, and 50% that an entirely random scroll is picked. Each scroll can only be purchased once. However, scrolls aren't guaranteed to be different[1] which may effectively allow you to buy two copies of the same scroll.

Common scrolls are offered for 100 gold or 25 shards, uncommons for 500 gold or 60 shards and rares for 1000 gold or 120 shards.

Preconstructed Decks

In this section, you can buy twelve preconstructed decks. These decks consist of 50 scrolls. Similar to scrolls from the Just For You section, the preconstructed decks can only be bought once. They all cost either 5000 gold / 500 shards or 8000 gold / 600 shards depending on which preconstructed deck you chose.

Sell Scrolls

You can sell scrolls to the store by clicking the "Sell" button at the top. This brings up a list of your collection, where you can select all scrolls you'd like to sell. When done, click the "Sell" button below. You are then shown the amount of gold which the store offers for the selected scrolls and asked to accept or cancel. The offered amount depends only on the rarities of the scrolls: 25 gold for commons, 50 for uncommons and 100 for rares.

Note that you could likely sell the scrolls for a higher price on the black market or through player trading. It is not possible to sell scrolls from your starter decks. If you try to sell a scroll that is needed for one of your decks, the store will warn you.


Avatars are cosmetic items. Each avatar set consists of four pieces (head, arms, torso, legs) that can also be used independently. The store provides 8 different avatars, and may likely have more in future installments.[2] Avatar sets cost 5000 Gold or 500 Shards each.


Idols are currently only cosmetic items. Idols bought in the store are added to the set that you can chose from when editing an avatar. There are always two idols to chose from each week. After seven days, two other idols rotate into the slots. These two idols are identical for every player, and may also include idols which have already been purchased. Once an idol is purchased, it remains available to the player forever. Idols have different prices depending on which Idol it is it can range from 3000 Gold or 150 Shards for Arcane Conduit to 16000 Gold or 800 Shards for Pie.


There are currently five achievements connected with the store.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Store achievement.png Cheap and cheerful Purchased a single scroll from the store 100

Store achievement.png Bargain hunter Purchased a 10 pack of scrolls from the store 100

Store achievement.png Brand loyalty Purchase a single random scroll for a specific faction 100

Store achievement.png Discerning customer Purchased a scroll from the "Just for you" section of the store 100

Store achievement.png Vanity calls Purchased an avatar set/piece from the store 100

Collection achievement.png My very own idol Purchase an idol from the store 100