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Structures are a type of unit. Unless manipulated, they have a Move value of zero.



Walls have an Attack of zero, no Countdown and a certain amount of Health. Some Walls do not have any Abilities and are therefore best used to block opponent creatures. However, there are also Walls with complex Abilities, e.g. Watcher or Scavenger Construct. They might be better placed on a tile that can be defended if necessary. Walls never attack, even if they have an Attack of more than zero (e.g. buffed with spells).

List of Walls


Artillery can deal damage to opponent units by attacking one or more tiles on opponent's side of the game board. They cannot deal combat damage to idols. The attack of Artillery structures cannot be blocked by placing units in front, as these structures either have the Lobber Trait or an Ability that allows them to attack tiles behind other units. It is possible to buff the Attack value of Artillery.

List of Artillery


Totems either add a certain effect to other units while they're in play or they have a special effect that happens when their Countdown reaches zero. Totems never attack normally, even if their Attack value is more than one. Some Totems have an Attack value of -1 which indicates that they do attack, but their attack action cannot be manipulated.

List of Totems


Memorials increase a certain resource when they come in play. Memorials are only available for Energy, Growth and Order and can only increase one of those resources. Memorials never attack, even if their Attack value is more than one.

List of Memorials


Forges summon other units when their Countdown reaches zero. They never attack, even if their Attack value is more than one.

List of Forges