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This page contains information about aborted or removed features.

The Testing Grounds info screen
This page is about the aborted game mode Testing Grounds. For the trial, see Testing ground.

Testing Grounds was a game mode that replaced multiplayer Quick Match in the 0.112 beta update.

It worked the same as multiplayer quick match used to, with the addition of different rulesets. The rulesets were added by Mojang and were used to test potential changes to the main Scrolls ruleset, as well as offering players a chance to try something different. Testing Grounds matches didn't affect the player's rating.

However, because now everyone has access to the test server on Mondays, Mojang decided to revert it to Quick Match in the 0.131 beta update.



As of 0.119.1 beta

Wild is a fifth resource that is being tested in the Testing Grounds. It is a resource that can only be used with multi-resource decks. Once you have sacrificed scrolls to the Wild resource, it can be used to pay any resource costs.

There is a limit to how much Wild you can sacrifice to. You can not sacrifice to more Wild than the lowest you have of any of the regular resources included in your deck. For example; if you play a deck with Growth and Order scrolls, before you can sacrifice to your first Wild, you need at least 1 of both Growth and Order. Once you have 1 of each and a Wild, the Wild will let you play a scroll that costs 2 Growth or 2 Order, by using 1 of the regular resources and 1 Wild.

As of 0.117 beta

As of 0.112.2 beta

As of 0.112 beta