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Reason: List of units that can be tokens is outdated

In-game screenshot of a token Mangy Rat; the 'Token' indicator is circled

Token units are all units that are not summoned by playing the corresponding creature or structure scroll. They can be summoned by a spell or enchantment, enter the game board together with another unit or be summoned by another unit. Token units can be identified by the word "token" in front of the first type on the scroll, e.g. TOKEN CREATURE: Beast, Rat.

Special Behavior of Token Units

It is under no circumstances possible to have the scroll of a token unit in hand. This means they behave slightly different in a few cases.

The following spells and enchantments cannot target token units, as this would return them to the owners hand.

Furthermore, if a token unit destroys Warding Stone, it dies instead of getting returned to your hand.

Units that can be tokens