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A trait is an ability whose mechanics is common enough to be referred to with a keyword. Just as any other ability, it alters the behavior of the scroll it is on, beneficially or not.

Most scrolls do not have any trait, but some also have multiple traits.



Every instance of the same scroll (including tokens) has traits written on it. For instance, Ragged Wolf always has the Haste trait, even when it's summoned by Brother of the Wolf.

On the other hand, some scrolls add traits to other units. These traits are only granted to units affected by these scrolls. For instance, enchanting a Solemn Giant with Machination Mindset will only give Relentless to the enchanted creature, but not to other Solemn Giants you own.

List of Traits

Armor X
Blocks X amount of combat damage.
Curse X
Adds X extra damage when a unit receives damage.
Dominion: XXX
While at least one opponent idol is destroyed, the effect XXX is active.
This unit can move to any tile on your side.
Unit comes in play with Countdown set to 0.
Idol strike X
When a creature with Idol strike X deals combat damage to an idol, that idol is dealt an additional X damage.
Inspiring: XXX
When a unit with Inspiring XXX comes into play, adjacent units get effect XXX until end of turn.
Linger: X
Spells with Linger: X remain in play for X turns after being played.
Ranged attack. Attacks a group of tiles from afar.
Magic resistance X
All magic damage dealt to the unit is reduced by X.
When this unit deals damage, it does normal damage to whatever it attacks and half of its damage rounded down to whatever is next in line (unit or idol).
Pillage: XXX
Whenever a unit with Pillage XXX deals damage to an idol, the XXX effect is triggered.
Ranged Attack
This unit is not affected by Spiky damage.
Regeneration X
Units with Regeneration X heal X Health at the beginning of their turns.
If opponent blocking unit is destroyed, this creature will continue its attack.
When the scroll is played, your current Wild is increased equal to the cost of the scroll.
Resonance X
The unit's Health is healed by X every time you play a Spell.
Any time unit does damage to a creature, that creature is destroyed.
Spiky X
Attacking unit takes X damage when attacking (does not apply to Creatures with Ranged Attack).
When a spell with Surge is cast, all remaining resources of its type are spent and its effect is based on the number of resources spent this way.
Taxing X
When the scroll is played, subsequent castings of this scroll have their cost increased by X.
Summoning a Unique unit destroys any unit on the board with the same name.
Unstable X
When the unit is destroyed, it deals X damage to your opponent's idol on the same row.
Cannot be targeted by opponent Spells or Enchantments.