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Screenshot of the first of two new tutorials

The tutorial is a game mode where the player can learn the basic mechanics of the game. It consists in a set of guided matches that each focuses on specific aspects.

The tutorial tab is located under Arena.



The first two tutorials are guided matches where the player learns the basics of the game. In those matches, the player is forced to do certain actions and always wins within a few turns.

  1. The basics
  2. Reading scrolls

Practice Matches

Contrary to the two tutorials, practice matches have regular rules. To win, the player has to destroy three opponent idols. The player uses a fixed deck, but always has the choice of what to do. This means he could potentially lose the match. Nevertheless, each match focuses on one specific aspect (e.g. using abilities). There's always a tip displayed at the top of the screen.

Basic Practice

Calling Creatures
Learn the basics of creature stats, and how to play and move them, in this practice match.
Calling Structures
Learn how structures work in this practice match. They're immobile, so be careful where you place them!
Casting Enchantment
Learn how enchantments work in this practice match. Enchantments are cast on units and stay for one or more turns.
Casting Spells
Learn how spells work in this practice match. Spells affect units directly and do not linger on units.
Using Abilities
Learn about the basics of abilities in this practice match. Some units have abilities that can be used instead of attacking.

Intermediate Practice

Learn about the basics of synergies in this practice match. Discover how different kinds of wolves interact!
Thinking Strategically
Learn about basic strategies and positioning in this practice match, as well as board control, prioritising units over idols, and the importance of sacrificing.

Advanced Practice

Lingering Spells
Learn about the basics of lingering spells in this practice match. Lingering spells stay active during their Countdown.
Multi Resources
Learn about multi resource decks and the Wild resource in this practice match.


There is currently one achievement connected with tutorials.

Achievement Description / Condition Reward (Gold)

Welcome achievement.png Respect your elders Completed the Scrolls tutorial 100



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