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Units are creatures and structures that are on the game board. The distinction between creatures and structures is important, as you'll find these terms very often in descriptions of scrolls. In general, structures are not able to deal combat damage to idols, whereas most creatures are.

Move value

Main article: Move

All units have a Move value. It indicates how many tiles a unit can move each turn. The default value of creatures is 1, whereas structures have a value of 0. However, there are a few scrolls and effects that can manipulate the Move value both temporarily (e.g. New Orders, Wings Captain's effect) or permanent (e.g. Roasted Bean Potion).

Token units

Main article: Token

Units that have not been summoned by the corresponding scroll are token units (e.g. Rats summoned by Rat King, Owls summoned together with Sister of the Owl). This is of note, as there are a few spells and enchantments that cannot target token units. If a unit is a token, it has the word "token" in front of its subtypes, e.g. Token Creature: Beast, Rat.