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Wild is a pseudo-resource that has been introduced in order to make multi-resource decks more viable.[1] It is not a proper resource as scrolls can't have it in their cost, but it can be used in lieu of any of the four resources.


Gaining Wild


You gain Wild by sacrificing scrolls, just like any other resource. However, the maximum number of Wild you can get by sacrificing is capped to the amount of the lowest resource in your deck. In other words, if you have 2 Growth and 1 Energy, you can sacrifice for up to 1 Wild (equal to your Energy). You cannot sacrifice for Wild when playing with a mono-resource deck.


Some scrolls have the Replenish trait. When they are played, the owner's current Wild is increased equal to the cost of the played scroll. For example, if you play Plating (2 Energy) on a unit, you get two current Wild. The cost of the card is therefore essentially zero, although you convert some of your resources into Wild. Note that this also works in mono-resource decks, even though you cannot sacrifice for Wild there.

The following scrolls have Replenish:

Other scrolls which give current Wild

There are a few other scrolls which increase your current Wild:

Using Wild

Wild can be used instead of any of the four resources, for both casting scrolls and paying for abilities (e.g. heal Gravelock Outcast for one Growth). However, you automatically use the real resources first. It is not possible to pay something with Wild when you still have some of the needed resource left. This can be a problem with a few Energy scrolls which depend on the amount of your current Energy, e.g. Replicaton, Tempest Reaver and scrolls with Surge.



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